Introducing the technology that powers our partnership

All PDS services are technology-enabled to boost efficiency, collaboration and control – creating more value for your organisation. Our bespoke PDS+ software underpins and enhances the entire PDS journey, helping you innovate the way you manage your brand assets and collateral.  

How we innovate

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, innovation in how you deliver your brand messaging and campaigns is key to staying ahead of the competition. But, where do you start? The answer lies in streamlining your processes and empowering your people with the right tools. That’s where PDS+ comes in:

Drive innovation

Replace disjointed spreadsheets and error-prone paperwork with one central, online system for running your creative, sourcing, storage and/or fulfilment processes. You can, for example, streamline ordering and inventory management, track items, monitor whether brand guidelines and regulatory compliance obligations are being met, and much more.

Empower your teams

Rather than adding complexity, PDS+ software is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and can be made available to an unlimited number of users. We provide a thorough on-boarding process along with simple training assets that make it easy for you to bring new users online as needed.

Optimise and improve

PDS+ can be seamlessly integrated with other systems in your business, so you can quickly optimise existing workflows. You also have a wealth of data at your fingertips, and you can use PDS+ reporting and analytics capabilities to gather actionable business insights and drive continual improvement.

With one system empowering multiple users in a secure environment, you can quickly align internal teams, suppliers and other stakeholders to enhance productivity and build competitive advantage in a digital world.


How PDS+ can support you

PDS+ offers the following capabilities. You can implement as many of these features as you require, as well as scale functionality up or down over time as needed.

Event materials & kitting

PDS+ can manage event materials and kitting components. By implementing a calendar booking system, your teams can easily order items and independently control the booking process, allowing for seamless coordination and accessibility of event materials across multiple locations. This streamlined approach promotes efficient event planning and ensures that necessary resources are readily available when and where they are needed.

Key benefits

  • Save time through self-service and reduce marketing’s admin load
  • Ensure full visibility over stock levels and availability
  • Improve access to event materials throughout your organisation

Marketing collateral, branded merchandise & business stationery

PDS+ allows an unlimited number of users to securely access the materials they need, whether you are using the system to manage brand/product collateral, sales tools, merchandise and/or business stationery.

Key benefits

  • Users can order items online and view the cost of each item (if relevant)
  • A single ordering system brings economies of scale through bulk purchasing
  • Self-service reduces the need for dedicated order takers and fulfillers
  • Stock-level visibility minimises waste and improves accessibility
  • Marketing can track which items are being used by specific teams to optimise planning and inform new tool allocation.

Print-on-demand / Web2Print

With PDS+ you can give multiple teams on-demand access to the sales and marketing tools they need when they need them. Users can browse and access artwork templates which can be personalised but are locked to brand guidelines for consistency across the board. Once customised, materials can be instantly printed or downloaded for digital use – removing the need for marketing to process any requests.

Key benefits

  • Self-service saves time and optimises the marketing team’s resources
  • All print and digital collateral conforms to brand guidelines
  • Full visibility mitigates the over-ordering of printed assets
  • Centralised tools support sales and marketing alignment

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

PDS+ for Digital Asset Management holds all your brand assets online, from logos to images and digital content. Anyone with access rights can search using keywords or browse within collections to find up-to-date digital assets, download these, and securely share them within your existing workstreams.

Key benefits

  • Self-service reduces the need for marketing to continually respond to requests for assets and support
  • Ensures brand guardianship across all campaigns
  • Teams are confident that they are using only the most up-to-date versions of logos and other assets

Our work


We partnered with Winvic to transform their approach to managing on-site marketing materials. As a result, we developed a bespoke PDS+ ordering portal that provides autonomous ordering and Web2Print capabilities for a wide selection of Winvic’s branded merchandise and “Doing it Right” tools.

Our end-to-end solution includes design, sourcing, storage, and fulfilment of custom marketing materials, with user-friendly technology for on-brand collateral. Winvic benefits from a reliable storage and stock management service for all sites to call off elements. With reporting functionality, Winvic’s marketing team has complete visibility and control over orders, enabling them to monitor stock levels and mitigate stockouts.

Key outcomes:

  • All sites have swift, autonomous access to business-critical collateral
  • All teams are fully equipped for Health & Safety compliance and best practice processes
  • Site communications are consistent, aligned and on-brand
  • Improved visibility and accountability help to control the cost of collateral.

Why Choose PDS+?

1. Fully bespoke software with your custom branding
2. Flexible capabilities built around your needs and budget
3. Developed and maintained in-house to your exact specifications
4. Easy to use with a thorough onboarding process
5. Unlimited users with complete visibility and control

Ready to streamline your brand asset management and unlock access to your marketing collateral across your business?

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