Our business

As a single source partner, our mission is to create value through a complete range of services that meet our client’s creative, sourcing, storage, fulfilment, and technology needs to help them achieve more with less.

We are guided by three core principles: exceptional service, business-enhancing solutions, and trusted partnerships. We are committed to providing our clients exceptional service, going above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We believe in delivering business-enhancing solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and drive their success. And we strive to build trusted partnerships with our clients and suppliers, fostering long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and collaboration. These principles guide our actions and decisions and help us create value for our clients and stakeholders.

Years experience
Vendor partners

Founded as a business stationery supplier in 1998 by Nick Shelton, we have decades of experience in print management, and continue to evolve. Recognised for our long pedigree of service and our client-centred approach, we’re still growing and welcoming skilled specialists into the fold. Our organisation includes a full-service design agency, full-strength teams of procurement specialists, agile storage and fulfilment operatives and in-house web development and DevOps experts.

With access to resources such as 300+ vendor-agnostic partners across UK, Europe and Asia, and our bulk pallet and pick face storage options, we can help our clients streamline their use of time, unlock savings, and enable them to deliver greater value to their customers and employees.

Conveniently located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire – across two sites and counting – we are well-positioned to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to various organisations based locally, throughout Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire, and extending nationwide. Our size, infrastructure, and breadth of services and experience allow us to scale with agility.

“We are proud to invest in the development of our people to empower everyone at PDS to deliver high levels of service, quality, and attention to detail. We place our clients at the heart of all we do, which helps us to develop trusted long-term partnerships.”

Olivia Ray – Client Services Director
PDS celebrate 25 years

We are a company who are proud to support our employees, the industries that we operate in and our community – discover more about what we are doing to make a positive difference here.

Our values

PDS upholds seven core values centered around people, integrity, excellence, reliability, partnership, innovation, and sustainability. We foster a supportive workplace, conduct business with integrity, and strive for excellence to deliver maximum value for our clients. We build long-lasting relationships and innovate to support sustained success, while making a positive impact on society, environment, and economy for a more sustainable future.

  • We are a people-centred organisation focused on providing a safe, supportive and rewarding workplace that inspires everyone to realise their potential.

  • Our culture is built on mutual respect and accountability. We are constantly creating an equitable and inclusive workplace, as well as an ethical and transparent supply chain.

  • We harness our skills, resources, energy, and innovative spirit to deliver maximum value for our clients and business partners, every day.

  • Clients can depend on us as an expert, trusted, and safe pair of hands – offering personalised service, no matter how much we are required to scale our services.

  • Building long-lasting relationships with clients and suppliers is our top priority. We are always seeking new ways to deliver value, to support their sustained success.

  • As a forward-looking organisation, we are focused on continual operational improvement and technology innovation, so our clients can stay ahead of change.

  • Every day, we work to make a positive economic, societal and environmental impact, working with our clients and suppliers to build a more sustainable future.

Our Commitments

PDS are committed to driving positive change through responsible and sustainable practices. We prioritise the well-being of our people, support our local communities, protect the environment, and ensure ethical practices throughout our supply chain. With a strong focus on governance, we uphold transparency, accountability, and integrity in all aspects of our business.

Our focus

We are fortunate to partner with organisations across multiple sectors, from multi-site businesses to public sector, and not-for-profit organisations. Through our combined experience, our highly skilled teams collaborate to gain an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs to consistently deliver a complete, end-to-end, first-class service.

Our clients

We work with organisations in multiple sectors, of all sizes, nationwide. The following organisations trust PDS as their outsourced services partner:

Our approach

Every one of our client’s objectives are unique, at PDS we adopt a collaborative approach that begins with a discovery, lead by a dedicated Relationship Manager, and supported by our service area experts, we’ll understand the pain-points, challenges and goals and from there we build out a responsive proposal and implementation and delivery plan. Going forward we adopt a partnership process, reviewing, refining, innovating and proposing new ways to manage your ongoing success.

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Phil Donlon, Head of New Business