Our commitments

At PDS, we believe it is our responsibility to make choices and work in ways that have a positive impact on our planet, people, community, clients, and future generations. Here is an outline of our commitments and guiding principles:

Our sustainability commitments

The future of our planet depends on the choices we make today. We are proud to be part of the following initiatives focused on building a more sustainable future.

Planet Mark

We are steadfast in our commitment to carbon reduction. We continue to measure and reduce our carbon footprint, while striving to maintain our sustainability certification. As a Planet Mark certified business, we are obliged to reduce our annual carbon emissions by a minimum of 5% per cent annually. With a clear and ongoing understanding of our baseline energy, travel, water, and waste carbon impact, we proactively take ambitious steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

As an FSC-accredited supplier, PDS offers advice and access to various FSC certified paper products, such as 100%, Recycled, and MIX. By opting for sustainable paper sourcing, our business supports the FSC in promoting the use of healthy and resilient forests, ultimately contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Such efforts make a positive environmental impact.

Two Sides

PDS is an active member of Two Sides, an industry initiative that champions sustainability in the graphic communications supply chain. We communicate the environmental benefits of print and paper to our clients and uphold standards and best practices to support their sustainability agendas. Through collaboration with Two Sides, we aim to drive change and promote a sustainable future for our industry.

Our approach to sustainable sourcing

Our solutions won’t cost the earth. We understand your need to balance green goals with commercial reality, which is why we have invested in building a wide range of environmentally-friendly product ideas and print solutions that represent excellent value. These include:

  • Reusable materials such as easy-to-clean glass and 100% natural slate
  • Recycled materials made from plastics such as PET or ABS for attractive bags and bottles
  • Recycled paper and board accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Renewable materials such as fast-growing bamboo and durable cork
  • Ethical fabrics including organic cotton and hemp that exclude pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers
  • Locally manufactured items to reduce carbon footprint
  • Zero plastic packaging or alternatives such as bioplastics, board, and organic materials.

Our resources

Our sourcing specialists are brimming with sustainable promotional product ideas that are designed to help you promote your brand while reducing your environmental impact. Popular eco-friendly products include reusable coffee cups, tote bags, bamboo and recycled pens, seed paper products, and sustainable stationery. These products are just a small selection of the many eco-friendly options we offer fit your brand and budget.

Better choices

We help organisations to make better choices when sourcing print, paper and product solutions. The print and paper industry has a great sustainability story, and as exciting eco-friendly product alternatives continue to evolve, it’s important for businesses to make choices that align with their sustainability goals.

We provide expert guidance and support in how to use environmentally friendly materials and implement sustainable production practices. We leverage our extensive network of trusted suppliers to help you make informed decisions that support your sustainability objectives.

Are you looking to make more sustainable choices for your business, but don’t know where to start?

Our social commitments

Our people

At PDS, we are a people-centred organisation focused on providing a safe, supportive, and rewarding workplace that inspires everyone to realise their potential. We view and treat our people as our most valued asset.

Providing opportunities for personal and career growth helps us to build a strong pipeline of skills, talent, and experience, and a more resilient business. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our team. We offer great health benefits and have dedicated mental health champions who provide on-the-ground support.

Our community

We are passionate about giving back to our community by supporting local social and charitable causes. We all collaborate as colleagues to identify causes that are close to our hearts, and we support a number of local charities through financial donations and by producing materials for their fundraising and awareness events.

As a company focused on supporting the mental wellbeing of our people and our community, we are proud to call Northamptonshire MIND our designated company charity, helping this mental health services provider through fundraising and awareness activities.

We also support Speech and Language UK, a national charity that helps children communicate. For over a decade #TeamPDS has been raising funds through team participation in the London 10,000 running event.

“Congratulations to PDS as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. We are incredibly grateful to Scott and the entire team for all the support they have given to us at Speech and Language UK over the years. It is amazing that they are about to embark on their 11th Vitality 10k, raising almost £25,000 for us in the process! Right now, at least 1.7 million children in the UK are behind with talking and understanding words. Thanks to the invaluable contribution that PDS has made to us over the years, and keep on making,  we will be able to continue to reach out to and support children with speech and language challenges and their families, transforming their education and mental health in the process. Thank you to everyone at PDS for going the extra mile so that all children’s voices are heard.”

Jane Harris – CEO
Speech and Language UK

Our certifications and accreditations

Quality, safety, sustainable sourcing, and fair trade practices are guiding principles at PDS. We work hard to maintain our certifications and credentials in these and other important areas, so you have complete confidence we are following best practices that have been audited and vetted, comply with the law where relevant, and align with your organisational ethos.

PDS is proud to hold the following certifications and accreditations: