Merchandise solutions

Why use PDS for merchandise?

When you invest in marketing merchandise, we understand you want to source or create bespoke products that capture people’s imagination, do your brand justice, and have that ‘keepsake’ factor. When you partner with PDS, we can meet all these objectives. As required, we can find the right products, transform them with your brand, manage every aspect of printing, and get them into the hands of your customers – safely, on time, and in line with all regulations that govern your business.

Our merchandise solutions


If you are looking for giveaways that keep your brand top of mind, PDS can assist. Gifting customers and clients with great branded merchandise has stood the test of time as an excellent sales and marketing tool, regardless of whether you opt for something sophisticated or a gift designed to brighten someone’s day. We can take care of your entire giveaway project, helping to bring your ideas to life or starting at the ideation phase if that is easier for you.


When sustainability is part of your brand ethos, working with a single source partner like PDS can make a big difference. As we can handle everything from design to print, we can ensure that every decision is environmentally conscious. We could, for instance, opt for recyclable/repurposed and responsibly sourced materials, water-wise manufacturing processes, and suppliers that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Branded merchandise continues to appeal to customers and clients, primarily when thoughtfully sourced or designed to celebrate a season or memorable holiday. With printing technologies advancing all the time, the possibilities are endless. Our multi-disciplinary team can simplify and accelerate your entire seasonal merchandising campaign and meet any challenge, from a need for personalised items to tight deadlines.

Keen to elevate your marketing with memorable merchandise?

We know that the right promotional products can make all the difference in creating a memorable campaign or leaving a lasting impression, and we have the creativity,  experience and supply routes to help make it happen, fast!  Take away the headache and time-consuming nature of sourcing, let us guide you every step of the way and help you create a promotional merchandise that really stands out!