Meet the people behind PDS

Introducing team PDS! We’re a group of dedicated and enthusiastic experts who are passionate about delivering top-notch professional services. Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, including support staff who work behind the scenes to help us provide innovative solutions and exceptional results. At PDS, we place great importance on building strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, and within our own team. We believe in taking the time to understand each client’s unique needs so we can provide tailored solutions that help them achieve their goals.

  • Marta Kostrzewska

    Marta Kostrzewska


  • Mark Baxter

    Mark Baxter


  • Nic Kirby HR

    Nicola Kirby

    HR & Recruitment Advisor

  • Nicola Baxter

    Nicola Baxter

    Studio Co-ordinator

  • Lynda Doggett

    Lynda Doggett

    Studio Co-ordinator

  • Nate Ansu Designer

    Nathanael Ansu


  • Owen Batchelor

    Owen Batchelor

    Account Executive

  • Gosia Pawlowska

    Gosia Pawlowska


  • Katie Rolfe

    Katie Rolfe

    Account Executive

  • Rob Digby

    Rob Digby

    Senior Artworker

  • Ronnie Maloney

    Ronnie Maloney

    Finance Manager

  • Gemma Luck

    Gemma Luck

    Marketing Manager

  • Olivia Ray

    Olivia Ray

    Client Services Director

  • Lorraine Lovell

    Lorraine Lovell

    Finance Assistant

  • Patrick Daguio

    Patrick Daguio

    Frontend Developer

  • Tom Woods

    Tom Woods

    Commercial Manager

  • Kris Batley

    Kris Batley

    Account Executive

  • James Portsmouth Operations Director

    James Portsmouth

    Joint Managing Director

  • Perry Sammie Supplier Relationship Manager

    Perry Sammie

    Supplier Relationship Manager

  • Asma Wickremasinghe

    Asma Wickremasinghe

    Finance Assistant

  • Graeme Philpot

    Graeme Philpot

    Depot Activation Manager

  • Jordan Browne

    Jordan Browne

    Finance Assistant

  • Will Malloy Operations Manager

    Will Malloy

    Operations Manager

  • Ros Payne Account Exec

    Rosalyn Payne

    Account Executive

  • John Quinn

    Jon Quinn


  • Emma Streeter Account Exec

    Emma Streeter

    Account Executive

  • Becky Harris

    Becky Harris

    Business Support Analyst

  • Sam Sturman

    Sam Sturman

    Client Services Manager

  • Lee Anderson

    Lee Anderson

    Stock Manager

  • Rob Shaw

    Rob Shaw

    Client Services Manager

  • Peter Hubble, Digital Project Manager

    Peter Hubble

    Digital Project Manager

  • Stephen Kelly

    Stephen Kelly


  • Aleksandra Kulikowska

    Aleksandra Kulikowska

    Fulfilment & Mailing Manager

  • Steph Govier

    Steph Govier

    Account Executive

  • Scott Bailey

    Scott Bailey

    Account Executive

  • Clare Jones

    Clare Jones

    Finance Assistant & Company PA

  • Simon Shenton

    Simon Shenton


  • Jayne Gowan

    Jayne Gowan

    Relationship Manager

  • Dan Woodgates

    Dan Woodgates

    Relationship Manager

  • Simon Byford

    Simon Byford

    Senior Artworker

  • Surina Sudra Account Exec

    Surina Sudra

    Account Executive

  • Kate Shelton

    Kate Shelton

    Finance Director

  • Nick Shelton

    Nick Shelton


  • David Nelson

    David Nelson

    Lead Creative

  • Stephen Ledger

    Stephen Ledger

    Full Stack Developer

  • Jamie Duthie

    Jamie Duthie


  • Ben Holley

    Ben Holley

    Logistics Manager

  • Keith Burton

    Keith Burton


  • Sarah Parker

    Sarah Parker

    Account Executive

  • Cameron Stephen

    Cameron Stephen

    Lead Developer

  • Jordan Rzymski

    Jordan Rzymski

    Senior Digital Designer

  • Hanna Simpson

    Hanna Simpson

    Senior Finance Assistant

  • Phil Donlon, Head of New Business

    Phil Donlon

    Head of New Business

  • Gosia Kuligowska

    Gosia Kuligowska


  • Myles Olsen

    Myles Olsen

    Logistics Office Manager

  • Heather Smith

    Heather Smith

    Relationship Manager

  • Kim Baish

    Kim Baish

    Account Executive

  • Ian Knighton

    Ian Knighton

    Studio Manager

  • Lottie Marshall Business Development Manager

    Lottie Marshall

    Relationship Manager

  • Jonathan Shelton

    Jonathan Shelton

    Senior Account Executive

  • Emily Syson

    Emily Syson

    Senior Designer

  • Dave Medcalf

    Dave Medcalf

    Senior Frontend Developer