As your print, design and sourcing partner, PDS can help you streamline your use of time, make your budget work harder and deliver your projects from start to finish.

We combine creative ideas with in-depth knowledge and experience of sourcing and production. Our full range of services encompass print, design, packaging, merchandise, storage, fulfilment, and logistics, underpinned by our intuitive online management system, PDS+.

Our design clients

We are delighted to have developed creative projects alongside these prominent and well-respected brands. Get in touch to find out more about how we can energise your brand with our ideas and expertise.

Our print clients

We are proud to have worked with these clients, helping them to achieve the most efficient print solutions by optimising their processes. Access our consultancy services or simply request a quotation.

Our merchandise clients

We have helped our clients to find the most effective branded products, source them efficiently and maintain high standards of quality. Find out how we can help you to convey your brand messages with maximum impact.

Our fulfilment clients

These valued clients have trusted us to handle their materials securely and look after their onward distribution. Get in touch to hear more about how we can help you to manage your stock and reduce wastage.

Our logistics clients

Our clients will testify that we provide a safe, secure and cost-effective logistics service, helping you to move consignments seamlessly and meet your urgent deadlines. From postage to pallets, talk to us about all your requirements.

Our PDS+ clients

An intuitive management tool, PDS+ enables our clients to store and organise their brand assets and artwork archive, use web2print capability to create materials with variable elements, take control of stock management, and monitor budgets.

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What makes us different?

We deliver on our promise to provide an exceptional level of innovative services to our clients. Our personable and friendly team of print, design and sourcing experts focus on surpassing expectations for service, quality and attention to detail - Our priority will always be to deliver value to our clients for their sustainable success.

At Your Service

At your service

Outsource your requirements to us and we will improve your efficiency, save time and help to reduce costs. Put our carefully managed supply chain to the test and we will free you up to focus on your core business. We work closely with a variety of organisations nationwide and across the East Midlands, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire, and our reach means that we can support your business wherever you’re based.

The PDS service pillars

You can add value to your business when utilising one or all of our service offerings and keeping track of your projects, stock, design assets, printed materials and deliveries has also just become a whole lot easier with PDS+



We are talented, energetic and highly-skilled people who are passionate about great design. Full of creative ideas, we will bring a fresh approach to your brand. Working as an invaluable extension of your own team, our strategic thinking and collaborative skills will bring to life effective and appealing design ideas. Our way of working means that you can rely on us to turn projects around quickly and efficiently, with robust attention to detail and a strong commitment to meeting tight deadlines.

We work with

Challenge our creative team with your brief and we will bring a fresh perspective to your brand.



Our experienced, specialist print team can deliver managed print solutions that will help save you time and maximise your budget. Our consultancy services include a print audit that will help us to recommend how you could optimise your processes, introduce efficiencies, speed up production and reduce wastage. Our service brings the benefit of print management to your design projects, so you can focus on the creative strategy while we look after the logistics.

We work with

Trust us with all your print needs and benefit from access to an extensive network of expert printers.



We can work with you on every aspect of your branded merchandise and make recommendations that deliver your brief with maximum impact. Our broad network of suppliers provides us with access to a wide range of product types from simple pens to personalised business merchandise, so you can safely leave the business of procurement and quality control to us. With your stock securely held within our extensive warehousing facilities, you can set up your own online store so that both colleagues and clients can make direct orders.

We work with

Let us look after every aspect of your branded merchandise from sourcing, procurement and quality control to production and fulfilment.



You can trust us to hold your materials securely, saving money on warehousing and logistics, and helping you to keep track and reduce wastage. Outsourcing fulfilment to the experts improves efficiency giving your colleagues the freedom to start their next project. Our experienced team is well versed in collating materials and assembling packs efficiently. We know how to make the most of space and minimise carriage costs. We will be there for you whether you require assistance on a regular basis or just need help with a single consignment.

We work with

Your materials will be held securely, assembled with care, and distributed with efficiency. Our innovative systems make stock control simple.



You can rest assured that we will always keep your carefully-crafted materials and merchandise safe and secure. Moving stock around your business will become frictionless and you will have the power to keep track of your inventory. We can handle all types of delivery or shipment, from postage to pallets, heading for any destination worldwide. Reliable tracking provides you with the confidence that your urgent deadlines will be met. A registered mailing house, we are industry-accredited for safe data handling.

We work with

Moving you stock and making national and worldwide deliveries, will become frictionless.



Our online management system, PDS+, enables you to take control of your print and materials and protect the integrity of your brand. With all your materials in one location online, you can consult your own artwork archive, and use web2print capability to create materials at the touch of a button.

You can delegate the ordering process to colleagues by giving access to multiple users while retaining an overview of stock management in real time. A single ordering system can bring economies of scale through bulk purchasing. We can factor lead times into your workflows to help with stock management.

Our easy-to-access downloadable reports will reduce your workload and enhance your planning capability.

We work with

Use PDS+ for powerful reporting capabilities, stock management, and create materials using web2print, all with multiple user access.

Streamline your use of time and make your budget work harder by following the entire PDS journey

As your partner, PDS can help you to deliver your projects from start to finish. The PDS journey moves through five key pillars of service: design, print, merchandise, storage, fulfilment, and logistics. Each pillar, powered by our online management system, PDS+, and supported by a full-service design agency, forms a waypoint to the full range of our services. We’re happy to help you to access these services in any combination that meets your needs. Watch our video and find out more.

Watch our video and find out more

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