Case Study

Case Study

APC Overnight: Marketing Materials Overhaul

Rationalising the production and national distribution of marketing materials by utilising a bespoke multi-site online portal

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Number of employees: 350+

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About the client

APC Overnight is the UK’s largest independent delivery network with over 112 locations nationwide. Established in 1994, the company specialises in the UK overnight delivery market. A multi-award-winning company, APC prides itself on embracing technology and consistently strives to improve its efficiency.

The challenge

At a crossroads in its supplier relationships, APC issued a tender to find a supplier of packaging, labels, promotional merchandise, and operational and marketing collateral to supply to its UK network.

To rationalise costs and streamline its processes, APC wanted to partner with a supplier offering a ‘one-stop shop’ to produce and distribute all their printed materials.

With depots in more than 100 locations across the UK, APC required a simple ordering system that could be accessed by each depot.

It was also keen to improve value for money for the
group and wanted a partner that could offer consistent pricing to all depots, regardless of their size.

Key challenges

  • Escalating costs.

  • Process inefficiency.

  • Inconsistent sourcing.

  • Incompatible pricing.

The solution

PDS successfully secured the contract to supply materials to APC’s UK network. The relationship commenced in October 2017 with the launch of a new online ordering system starting with its popular Mailpack and Courierpack bags.

PDS introduced the service within weeks of agreeing on the contract terms thanks to its web-based system, PDS+, which is already well-established and can easily be adapted for new clients coming on stream.

By January 2018, PDS had added more lines and supplied more than 70 stock items and a range

of bespoke and ad hoc products as required. The PDS logistics team pick and pack an average of eight varied orders daily and distribute them on a next-day delivery service throughout the network.

PDS was happy to assist with the transition process by taking delivery of the incumbent supplier’s stock, ensuring the changeover was as simple and easy as possible.

The PDS+ system manages all network stock levels, ensuring its business-critical lines are never unavailable.

Project Team

Kris Batley (Account Executive), Kate Shelton (Finance Director), Sarah Parker (Account Executive), Ben Holley (Logistics Manager), Lee Anderson (Stock Manager)

Kris Batley

Kris Batley

Account Executive

Kate Shelton

Kate Shelton

Finance Director

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

Account Executive

Ben Holley

Ben Holley

Logistics Manager

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson

Stock Manager

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Key outcomes

  • Faster Delivery – centralised distribution to enable timely and managed deliveries.

  • Effective Stock Management – management portal to enable real-time stock overview and reporting.

  • Communication – improved communications across multi-site marketing campaign delivery.

  • Quality Assurance – central sourcing to enable on-brand execution and maintenance of quality expectations.

The results

The speed and simplicity of the transition process were a significant benefit to APC which was keen to avoid any interruption in its service. PDS quickly assimilated the production of multiple lines of stock including branded items and generic packaging. With such a strong and established brand in print production, the PDS team ensures that all items meet APC’s rigorous brand guidelines so that quality is never compromised.

In addition, PDS’s ability to deliver stock holding and distribution made PDS a perfect choice for APC. The online ordering portal, PDS+, is proving to be a great asset that enables individual depots to see images of the products as they order them. Another feature of the PDS+ system is the ability to review live stock levels online, ensuring that items do not go out of stock. Fixed pricing for all items across the network means that all depots can benefit from cost-savings and the business can better manage its costs.

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