Case Study
Bright Horizons

Case Study

Bright Horizons: Swift Access to Marketing Materials

A group wide solution that allows autonomous access to marketing

Industry: Childcare Management

Number of employees: 450+

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The client

Bright Horizons Family Solutions has been ranked as one of the top ten large nursery groups in the UK, thanks to positive ratings from parents and guardians of the children who attend its nurseries. Bright Horizons also offers emergency care services for adults.

The challenge

Bright Horizons was keen to provide easier access to its marketing communications materials for more than 300 nurseries and preschools through a better ordering process.

The existing process was centralised via the Marketing team, and individual nurseries did not have the autonomy to make their own orders.

The involvement of multiple suppliers gave the Marketing team a significant challenge in keeping track of deliveries and stock levels.

The company also had an objective to rationalise the number of suppliers it used to improve brand consistency, reduce costs, and sustain a strong purchasing position.

Key challenges

  • Complex and time-consuming marketing material ordering system.

  • Nurseries unable to order material autonomously.

  • Difficult to track deliveries and manage stock levels.

  • Lack of control of brand consistency and costs.

The solution

Having become a preferred supplier for print management following a successful tender, PDS immediately spotted how they would very quickly be able to improve the control and distribution of marketing materials, print items and merchandise using its bespoke online ordering system, PDS+.

Branded especially for Bright Horizons, PDS+ enables
nurseries and preschools to make orders online, monitor stock levels and produce reports. With the option of next day delivery, the system helps to ensure that they never run out of materials.

As the PDS+ system was launched, every nursery and preschool within the group was issued with a welcome pack and gift, a comprehensive user guide and a training manual. The person responsible for making orders in each location was allocated their own login password.

PDS now also manages the purchase of the full range of Bright Horizons’ merchandise from a rationalised list of suppliers. The PDS logistics team carried out a stock-taking exercise, gathering samples from all UK suppliers. Photographs of all materials were uploaded to the online system, for ease of ordering.

The project team

Jayne Gowan (Relationship Manager), Kate Shelton (Finance Director), Ben Holley (Logistics Manager), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager)

Jayne Gowan

Jayne Gowan

Relationship Manager

Kate Shelton

Kate Shelton

Finance Director

Ben Holley

Ben Holley

Logistics Manager


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

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Key outcomes

  • Control and distribution of marketing materials is efficient and seamless.

  • Nurseries can order their own items and take delivery within 24 hours.

  • A rationalised supply base has saved time and reduced costs.

  • Critical marketing initiatives can now be implemented at speed.

The results

Just four weeks into their PDS journey, Bright Horizons had access to their new stock ordering system. They now find it easy to keep track of all stock. Automation within the system creates an alert when stocks fall to agreed minimum levels to enable replenishment. Nurseries and preschools can take delivery of an online order within 24 hours.

The Bright Horizon’s team benefits from more efficient time management with no need to chase multiple suppliers for orders.

Marketing initiatives can be developed, distributed and implemented within short timescales if required. PDS also manages the simultaneous roll-out of additional items as well as materials that been revised to meet legal compliance.

The relationship has gone from strength to strength with Bright Horizon’s acquisition of Asquith nurseries adding additional outlets to the PDS+ system.

“The service implemented by PDS improved all the operational issues we were facing with our marketing materials. We had not been aware that any single supplier could offer us a solution that was fit for purpose, and designed to satisfy our specific requirements. The new system has proved effective in saving time and money throughout our nurseries and preschools. We no longer waste time making calls to trace orders, and there is no question about the quality of the materials provided. The system has improved our ability to deliver impactful multi-national marketing campaign materials at short notice. PDS has effectively worked as a valuable extension to the team, just as though they were here at our head office every day.”

Head of Procurement

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