Case Study
RS Components

Case Study

RS Components: Complete Roadshow Kit Solutions

An end to end solution that controls cost, improves visibility and efficiency and accurately measures ROI

Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

Number of employees: 3.5K +

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The client

RS Components is a trading brand of Electrocomponents plc, a global multi-channel distributor, offering 500,000+ industrial and electronics products sourced from 2,500+ leading suppliers. With operations in 32 countries, the organisation provides a wide range of value-added services to over one million customers and ships more than 50,000 parcels daily. As the UK’s leading distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and operation solutions, RS Components specialises in fast and friendly local service – offering same or next-day delivery of parts, technical expertise and a best-in-class digital experience.

The challenge

RS Components regularly provides its customer base with roadshow kits and other materials to carry out marketing events on-site. This helps to increase engagement and raise brand and contractual awareness.

The supplier initially contracted to deliver materials for this channel created several challenges for RS Components and their customers. Firstly, the roadshow kits were often very heavy to haul around and too large for the spaces provided on the customer’s premises. As a result, kit storage and transportation costs were incredibly high (based on the ROI).

Secondly, the kits were often delivered in a rundown or damaged state, with branding that was outdated and out of sync with current brand guidelines or campaigns. This diluted marketing messages and value propositions, running the risk of damaging brand credibility.

Finally, the process used to manage the ordering and distribution of these materials was manual and inefficient, leading to delays, double bookings, poor stock level visibility and difficulties controlling costs. One individual was managing all internal stakeholder kit bookings and communicating with the supplier solely via email. This was a cumbersome and time-consuming approach, which created bottlenecks and customer service issues when this individual was on leave or unavailable.

Key challenges

  • Kit booking process was inefficient, manual and time-consuming.

  • Poor visibility made it difficult to monitor stock levels and control costs.

  • Kit storage and transportation expenses were too high, based on ROI.

  • Kit was often too big for the site, damaged and/or the branding was outdated.

The solution

To resolve these problems, RS Components briefed PDS to provide an end-to-end solution for managing the booking, design, distribution and storage of materials for this critical marketing channel.

All the services we provide are underpinned by a PDS+ software platform that we custom-built to RS Components’ specific requirements. The user interface carries RS Components branding and a design aligned with our client’s visual identity and brand guidelines.

This intuitive, easy-to-use system has been set up to allow multiple internal stakeholders to manage their kit orders autonomously, rather than relying on one individual to manage everything. These stakeholders can now select the kit they need for their site shows, specify the number of attendees to generate the correct number of giveaway items, and share an address for delivery and collection.

If the requested kit has already been booked by another individual, the system alerts the user so they can plan around this or suggest alternative event dates to their customer. This helps to improve the overall customer experience.

Once the kit has been booked, the stakeholder receives confirmation. All they then need to do is arrive at the specified venue, where the kit will be delivered and set up for them.

To ensure high-quality materials are delivered, every time, PDS also manages the design and sourcing of new roadshow kits. Our expert design team ensures that all kit designs are fully aligned with current brand guidelines and tailored to suit each industry sector for maximum impact.

The new kit is designed for ease of handling, which makes transport and storage more efficient and cost effective. If any element is damaged, it can be easily and swiftly replaced at a minimal cost.

The project team

Dan Woodgates (Relationship Manager), Rob Shaw (Client Services Manager), David Nelson (Lead Creative), Kate Shelton (Finance Director), Ben Holley (Logistics Manager)

Dan Woodgates

Dan Woodgates

Relationship Manager

Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw

Client Services Manager

David Nelson

David Nelson

Lead Creative

Kate Shelton

Kate Shelton

Finance Director

Ben Holley

Ben Holley

Logistics Manager

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Key outcomes

  • Booking bottlenecks have been eliminated, improving customer service levels.

  • All kit is on brand, easy to transport and delivered in good condition, on time.

  • Visibility over stock levels and cost control has improved.

  • RS Components can accurately measure the ROI of this marketing channel.

The results

With a comprehensive and digitally-enabled solution for managing the materials required for all site shows, delays and bottlenecks have been eliminated, visibility and stock control have been improved, and all internal stakeholders can offer better service to their customers. Using the central, transparent and coordinated PDS+ online booking system, stakeholders can manage their bookings autonomously, which saves time.

RS Components can now plan all live marketing events efficiently and with the utmost confidence that customers will not be let down by double bookings, transportation issues, or unwieldy and outdated kits. Further, with PDS managing design and distribution, all kit is delivered in good condition and on time, costs are optimised, and RS Components can accurately measure the impact of this marketing channel.

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