Achieve More with Less in 2024 with PDS

Will you adopt a new mindset, write a new chapter, or stick with the same old story?

When sourcing and managing materials for your marketing and engagement campaigns in 2023, what’s your strategy? Can you really afford to miss deadlines, go over budget, and deal with suppliers that don’t deliver on your expectations every time? If these or other issues are putting the brakes on your business growth plans, it may well be time to say, “Out with the old, and in with the new!”

Time for a change?

2022 was tough for many organisations, with challenges like inflation, supply chain security, and the cost of fuel weighing on marketing budgets.  Unfortunately, these challenges are far from solved so in this environment, it makes sense to work with a sourcing partner who can offer you more value, by meeting your needs end-to-end. Advantages of working with a single source partner include lower pricing, quality assurance across the board, and simplified workloads due to the consolidation of multiple requirements, to name but a few of many benefits.

How PDS can help you

As your end-to-end partner, PDS can offer you a complete range of services that meet not only your sourcing needs, but also your creative, storage, fulfilment, and technology requirements. To give you a quick overview of the scope of skills and services we have to offer you, our organisation includes a full-service design agency, teams of procurement specialists, agile storage solutions and fulfilment expertise, as well as resource-saving technology.

In 2022 we helped the central marketing team at wholesale electrical distributor Rexel transform their approach to branch marketing by providing a tech-enabled comprehensive sourcing, storage, and fulfilment solution for over 200 branches that required promotional materials on a continual basis.

“As a Marketing team that supports multi-site stakeholders across our branch network it is critical that tools and assets are readily available and supportive of the Rexel product and service offering. Using the PDS+ platform has given us a highly flexible and on-demand solution that empowers our sales teams with reduced barriers to entry and greater autonomy, enabling more sophisticated marketing management.”

Head of Branch Marketing

How we can help you transform your sourcing strategy in 2023

1. Manage time pressures and unlock savings

At PDS, we offer sourcing, stock management, distribution, and more all under one roof, allowing you to streamline your use of time and meet tight deadlines. We also have access to 300+ supply partners across UK, Europe, and Asia, and our own bulk pallet and pick-face storage options, so we can find the best solutions for your budget and deliver maximum value across the board.

2. Streamline your supply chain

As we are vendor agnostic and have such a large pool of suppliers to choose from, we can offer greater supply chain security, while making sure you have access to the right suppliers for the right job, every time. This helps you to leverage our print expertise with access to a broad variety of techniques, materials, products and merchandise, all within your ideal timescale.

3. Empower your teams with tech

Rather than fielding multiple requests for marketing materials from stakeholders and dealing with the stress of moving stock to locations in time, we have a software solution that can do that all for you. PDS+ is a bespoke tech solution that underpins our services, saves marketing time, and gives stakeholders more autonomy to view stock levels, order materials online, store artwork, print on demand, ensure brand guardianship through templates and version control, and access valuable business insights through powerful analytics.

For example, we helped a large nursery group, Bright Horizons, ensure swift, seamless access to marketing materials across more than 300 nurseries and preschools with a bespoke PDS+ online ordering system. According to Bright Horizons, Head of Procurement, this approach has helped to save time and money and deliver numerous other benefits.

“The service implemented by PDS improved all the operational issues we were facing with our marketing materials. We had not been aware that any single supplier could offer us a solution that was fit for purpose, and designed to satisfy our specific requirements. The new system has proved effective in saving time and money throughout our nurseries and preschools. We no longer waste time making calls to trace orders, and there is no question about the quality of the materials provided. The system has improved our ability to deliver impactful multi-national marketing campaign materials at short notice. PDS has effectively worked as a valuable extension to the team, just as though they were here at our head office every day.”

Head of Procurement

4. Harness end-to-end expertise

We have specialised skill sets and experience in every area of our end-to-end solution. Our sourcing team, for example, are print experts, who can guide your decisions around the material choice to ensure your campaigns have the greatest impact and consider your business goals with waste reduction and boosting your environmental credentials.  Leveraging our business relationships will support you with bulk buying to mitigate price rises and shortages, and more. Our in-house fulfilment team will ensure your products and tools are picked, packed and delivered swiftly and efficiently. And in peak periods, when you need more design resources, you can access our creative design experts at agencypds .

5. Flexible access to storage and fulfilment space

When you require more square metres to store materials, we have 5000+ bulk pallet locations on-site, 750+ pick face locations, and special solutions for flammables, liquids and bulky items or products. We also provide ample space for fulfilment within the storage environment, saving you the time and cost of shipping to a separate fulfilment facility.
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Ready to rethink your approach?

Is now the time to start afresh with a new sourcing strategy for your marketing materials? If you’re looking for an expert, end-to-end partner who is laser focused on making complex work simple and adding value every step of the way, choose PDS.