Case Study

Case Study

Rexel: A New Approach to Branch Marketing

Empowering 200+ branches to access promotional materials on demand

Industry: Wholesale

Number of employees: 3000+

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The client

Trading for over 70 years with a network of more than 200 branches nationwide, Rexel provides electrical products and solutions to a range of different markets including the industrial, commercial and public sectors. As an industry leader, their solutions include a consultancy service, energy-efficient solutions, electrical vehicle charging, stock solutions and e-procurement.

Rexel’s goal is simple: to help customers be their best in running their business by providing a broad range of sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions.

The challenge

With over 200 branches requiring promotional materials on a continual basis, Rexel’s in-house marketing department manages a high volume of requests for marketing collateral.

However, as the systems they initially used to process orders, manage resources, and procure stock were not keeping up with growing demand, this began to impact their efficiency levels and turnaround times.

The marketing team also found it difficult to access valuable data that enabled them to analyse marketing activity at a branch level and understand which promotional products were the most (and least) effective.

Rexel’s Head of Branch Marketing and Procurement Manager began looking for a technology-driven solution to these challenges. They sought to implement a custom online platform that could integrate with their existing DAM system and give all 200 branches the ability to access and edit print-on-demand templates for their promotional materials.

This system would also be required to support incentive schemes fulfilled by other specialist partners.

After participating in the tender process, Rexel awarded the contract to PDS – appointing us as their technology provider and sourcing, storage and fulfilment partner on this project.

Key challenges

  • 200+ branches require promotional materials from one marketing team.

  • Systems and processes were not keeping pace with demand.

  • Inefficient and slow turnaround times.

  • Marketing had very little time to focus on core responsibilities.

The solution

In addition to delivering a bespoke PDS+ technology solution that meets all the above-mentioned requirements, PDS manages the printing, storage and fulfilment of all marketing materials on Rexel’s behalf.

While implementing the PDS+ online platform, we worked alongside Rexel’s marketing team to scope out the items that would be available for the branches to access, took delivery of the incumbent suppliers’ stock, and audited all items before uploading them onto the system. We also designed, built and uploaded the
print-on-demand templates. From there, user access
and permissions were agreed upon and deployed.
PDS supported Rexel with the initial onboarding process and created a user-friendly “how to” guide in a video format to ensure all users were fully equipped to gain optimum value from the new technology and tools at their disposal. This guide is a useful training tool for new system users.

With their PDS+ system up and running, Rexel’s branches are now empowered to process their orders and edit their artwork as and when they need promotional materials.

Pre-agreed stock levels ensure the branches always have access to critical promotional resources. To keep costs under control and prevent wastage, the system has a pre-authorisation functionality for high-value items. These order requests are routed to the management level for review and approval.

The marketing team now has detailed usage data at their fingertips. They can analyse this and dedicate more marketing resources to campaigns and products/services that are getting the highest levels of engagement. They can also understand which branches are more proactive with their marketing activity, and which branches require more support to help them achieve results.

Every month, PDS provides Rexel with a consolidated invoice containing a breakdown of orders per branch.

Finally, we have also supported Rexel with the fulfilment of their new catalogue, which branches could order via the new system. With some branch employees working

Every month, PDS provides Rexel with a consolidated invoice containing a breakdown of orders per branch. Finally, we have also supported Rexel with the fulfilment of their new catalogue, which branches could order via the new system. With some branch employees working remotely and receiving collateral at their home addresses, PDS underwent a process with Rexel’s legal advisors to become an approved provider that meets secure data processing compliance requirements.

The project team

Dan Woodgates (Relationship Manager), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager), Lee Anderson (Stock Manager)

Dan Woodgates

Dan Woodgates

Relationship Manager


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson

Stock Manager

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Key outcomes

  • Branches now have swift access to critical promotional materials.

  • Consolidating sourcing, storage and fulfilment saves time and money.

  • The template-based approach ensures brand control.

  • Marketing has access to usage data that drives strategy.

The results

With PDS managing sourcing, storage and fulfilment – all of which are streamlined further by PDS+ technology – Rexel has one point of contact and one source for all services. This has allowed our client to consolidate costs and resources to save time, reduce waste, and improve budget control.

The self-service functionality of the system has reduced the marketing team’s workload and empowered the branches. They now have easy access to the promotional materials they need to meet their marketing and sales objectives.

As all orders are template-based, the marketing team retains control over the brand identity, while gaining more time to focus on more complex marketing activities that help to build the brand and grow sales.

Rexel’s marketing and procurement leaders also have access to powerful data and insights that help them to focus their resources where they’re needed most, so their teams can deliver greater value to the business.

“As a Marketing team that supports multi-site stakeholders across our branch network it is critical that tools and assets are readily available and supportive of the Rexel product and service offering. Using the PDS+ platform has given us a highly flexible and on-demand solution that empowers our sales teams with reduced barriers to entry and greater autonomy, enabling more sophisticated marketing management.”

Head of Branch Marketing

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