Case Study
Tim Hortons

Case Study

Tim Hortons: POS Window Vinyl Promotion

Co-ordinating a complex printing & installation project across 25 sites

Industry: Food & Beverage

Number of employees: 5K +

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The client

Tim Hortons is a Canadian fast food restaurant chain with 50+ stores across the UK and Ireland. As a legacy brand, Tim Hortons are renowned for superior quality products and services, innovation, and its strong focus on community building and upliftment across its network.

The challenge

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising is a powerful platform for engaging customers, increasing brand awareness and growing sales. Tim Hortons planned to take full advantage of these benefits with a new promotional campaign that used POS window vinyl decals as the primary advertising channel. The objective was to display these window vinyl decals in the storefronts of 25 Tim Hortons restaurants across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Tim Hortons required a partner that could help them with artwork, and source and manage the printing and installation for all the vinyl across multiple locations. As these were the primary promotional interface with customers, Tim Hortons wanted to simultaneously print and install decals across all areas. This would ensure all customers were informed of the promotion timeously, maximise campaign visibility, and optimise sales opportunities.

Given this project’s complexity, Tim Hortons needed a sourcing and fulfilment partner who could ensure all elements were created, printed, delivered and installed at a similar time, across all locations, as close as possible to the campaign launch date.

As many of these restaurants were newly launched, another challenge was arranging multiple site visits to get the correct measurements to specify artwork dimensions and address all the client’s requirements on each site. (Layout dimensions were already available for existing stores.)

Key challenges

  • Managing printing and installation simultaneously across 25 sites.

  • Gathering specs from multiple new sites in a tight time frame.

  • Organising and managing various suppliers across different locations.

  • Maximising campaign visibility to optimise ROI.

The solution

Tim Hortons’ Marketing Team asked PDS to be this project’s sourcing and fulfilment partner. We assembled a multi-disciplinary team to ensure Tim Hortons had access to the full range of specialised skills and services needed.

Our core team consisted of the following:

  • A dedicated PDS Relationship Manager, who
    managed pricing, timelines and fulfilment
  • A PDS Account Manager, who liaised with suppliers and managed their expectations, provided quality assurance and reviewed all artwork against strict guidelines.

Our team of specialists worked closely with Tim Hortons, who supplied us with all the brand guidelines and artwork.

Rather than sourcing the print and installation services from a single supplier, we took a more agile approach and managed the requirements through a range of trusted suppliers across the UK and Ireland. To address the simultaneous rollout across all stores, we communicated closely with all the regional print and installation companies involved. These specialists accumulated in 12 different offices, which all needed to be organised and managed independently.

The project team

Dan Woodgates (Relationship Manager), Sam Sturman (Client Services Manager), Sarah Parker (Account Executive), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager), Jamie Duthie (Logistics)

Dan Woodgates

Dan Woodgates

Relationship Manager

Sam Sturman

Sam Sturman

Client Services Manager

Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker

Account Executive


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

Jamie Duthie

Jamie Duthie


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Key outcomes

  • Enhanced production efficiency and timely execution.

  • Seamless multi-site co-ordination and swifter installation.

  • Heightened brand and product awareness.

  • Maximised promotional visibility and sales opportunities.

The results

By leveraging a number of print and installation relationships nationwide, we were able to achieve production efficiency, timely delivery, swifter installation and better cost control. Thanks to our carefully coordinated and efficient sourcing and fulfilment strategy, we were able to meet the high quality standards and complex timelines of this project.

As a result, Tim Hortons was able to:

  • Promote the campaign for an optimum period to maximise sales
  • Generate brand awareness and increase product visibility
  • Enhance the customer experience with a consistent, high-quality campaign
  • Grow sales across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Ready to streamline your sourcing and fulfillment processes like Tim Hortons?

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