Your event presence is far more than just occupying space — it’s about making a statement and maximising the ROI. With PDS by your side in 2024, you can create stand out, lasting impressions when exhibiting your products and services this year.

  • Create

    Our gifted team at agencypds offers a complete suite of creative services to capture your audience’s attention and build your brand. Our multi-disciplinary studio specialises in campaign concepts, branding, graphic and digital design, web design and development, content generation, events and more.

  • Source

    With our seasoned procurement and project management specialists handling your sourcing requirements, you benefit from quality assurance, consolidated costs and a streamlined supply chain. Our in-depth sourcing expertise and strong partnerships with hundreds of suppliers enable us to offer you better leverage on price, as well as a single solution to meet all your print, packaging and product sourcing needs.

  • Store

    As your storage partner, we resolve space and capacity challenges with 5,000+ bulk pallet locations on-site, 1,500+ pick face locations, and special solutions for flammables, liquids and bulky items. We also add value by transforming your ordering, call off stock, inventory management and reporting processes through an innovative online management system.

  • Fulfil

    Outsourcing your fulfilment requirements to PDS allows you to scale as needed and get to market faster. With accuracy, consistency and speed as our watchwords, we can manage fulfilment for you from collation to delivery. Our meticulous approach includes custom solutions for kitting builds, individual line pick collation and other advantages.

  • Enhance

    All our services are powered by technology, as needed. Our skilled software engineers can build, host, and support digital solutions that integrate smoothly with your business systems to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. We can develop a website or app, or deliver a bespoke PDS+ solution for digital asset management, print-on-demand, stock management, online ordering, and more. Our dedicated DevOps experts ensure speed of delivery, high quality, and agility on every project.

Property Investor Show

19th – 20th April 2024

UK Construction Week

7th-9th May & 1st-3rd October 2024

Digital Construction Week

5th – 6th June 2024

Housing 2024

25th-27th June 2024

Our end-to-end solution delivered across our services pillars will ensure that your events are seamlessly curated, managed and delivered, time after time.

As your event partner, PDS will:

Understand your objectives

PDS will take the time to understand your company’s goals and objectives for the event, ensuring alignment with your overall business strategy.

Offer strategic advice

PDS will provide strategic advice and recommendations based on our event expertise and experience, helping you make informed decisions to maximise the impact.

Provide creative input

Your PDS agency team will offer creative input and innovative ideas to make your event stand out and capture the attention of your target audience.

Coordinate suppliers and vendors

Through over 300+ vendor relationships PDS will select and liaise with the most approporate suppliers and vendors to secure the necessary services and resources for your event.

Manage marketing and promotion

PDS will develop and execute a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan to generate buzz and drive attendance for your event, leveraging various channels such as social media, email marketing, and advertising.

Ensure seamless logistics

PDS will ensure that all materials and resources needed for your event are procured and delivered on time, minimising any potential delays or disruptions to your event schedule.

Maximise your budget and ROI from your campaigns

PDS will work within your budget to maximise the impact of your event, identifying cost-saving opportunities and allocating resources effectively to achieve the highest return on investment possible.

Our event clients

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