Case Study
Speech & Language UK

Case Study

Speech & Language UK: Streamlined Distribution of Printed Resources

Improving access to teaching materials and optimising costs

Industry: Civil & Social

Number of employees: 140+

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The client

National children’s charity, Speech and Language UK (formerly I CAN) provides programmes and services for parents and practitioners to help children with speech and language difficulties. Their research-based materials and fully-trained tutors improve communication skills for children in nurseries and primary schools across the UK. More than 600 tutors are currently licensed to deliver Speech and Language UK programmes, with nearly 54,000 children taking part in the charity’s three Talk Boost programmes.

The challenge

Speech and Language UK supplies around 150 product lines including printed materials and resources, sourced through multiple suppliers, all requiring fulfilment to hundreds of individual customers and other end users across a wide geographic area.

Its products include the components of a branded learning ‘tool bag’ which contains musical instruments, soft balls, bean bags and feathers that are used as stimulus materials within its teaching programmes. Printed materials include pull-up banners, ring binders, teaching manuals, and resource cards.

Orders are made by individual parents and tutors as well as schools and local authorities. Increasingly, international shipping is required to fulfil orders from the growing overseas market.

Speech and Language UK tasked PDS with managing its stock storage and the fulfilment of orders to its online shop, so that it could provide easier access to its materials and offer a more streamlined ordering process. As a charity, it was important to keep tight control of costs.

Key challenges

  • Time-consuming order process.

  • Barriers to accessing materials across the business.

  • The ordering process needed streamlining for greater efficiency.

  • As a charity organisation, Speech & Language UK wanted tighter control over costs.

The solution

From its experience of handling the print management for Speech and Language UK, PDS was able to suggest ways to improve the control and distribution of teaching resource materials, print items and merchandise using its bespoke online ordering system, PDS+.

Speech and Language UK’s central office team simply downloads the order data from its online shop and supplies it to PDS.

The data is uploaded to the PDS+ system enabling orders to be fulfilled within a standard 72 hours, or more quickly if a consignment is urgent.

PDS now manages the purchase of an extensive range of merchandise for Speech and Language UK from a rationalised list of product lines.

The project team

Scott Bailey (Account Executive), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager), Ben Holley (Logistics Manager), Keith Burton (Logistics)

Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey

Account Executive


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

Ben Holley

Ben Holley

Logistics Manager

Keith Burton

Keith Burton


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Key outcomes

  • A bespoke PDS+ online ordering system has improved control and distribution.

  • Automated alerts prevent stock and material shortages.

  • Materials can be developed, distributed and implemented rapidly if needed.

  • The PDS bespoke charging structure keeps costs competitive.

The results

Branded especially for Speech and Language UK, PDS+ enables the charity to fulfil its online orders seamlessly, monitor stock levels and produce reports helping to ensure that it never runs short of materials. Automation within the system creates an alert when stocks fall to agreed minimum levels to enable replenishment.

Speech and Language UK benefits from more efficient time management with no need to chase multiple suppliers for orders. Materials can be developed, distributed and implemented within short timescales if required.

PDS also manages the simultaneous roll-out of additional items on an ad hoc basis.

Its bespoke charging structure means that PDS can keep costs competitive, a vital consideration within the charity sector.

With its own dedicated design studio, PDS is increasingly becoming more involved with the creative element of the Speech and Language UK materials, moving from providing artwork solutions to implementing large-scale design projects.

“Speech and Language Uk (formerly I CAN) has worked with PDS for a number of years and they have been a great help to us. As a small charity that supports a lot of people we rely heavily on PDS skills and experience to get our resources into the hands of people that really need them. PDS provide a great service often going beyond what is expected of them to help us provide the best quality of service to our customers. We get excellent feedback from our customers regarding PDS as they help us provide a level of service that is only normally available to larger corporate organisations.”

Head of Commercial Services

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