Case Study
Northamptonshire Mind

Case Study

Northamptonshire Mind: Branded Collateral

Keeping mental health issues top of mind

Industry: Civil & Social

Number of employees: 30+

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The client

A healthy society is one that offers support to all its citizens, including the often-marginalised mental health communities. Northamptonshire Mind – a division of the national charity, Mind – is one of the UK’s largest mental health service providers.

Focused on raising awareness around mental health issues, they offer a wide range of services and campaigning through collaboration with Local Minds, Northamptonshire Health Foundation Trust, and other mental health providers.

Northamptonshire Mind offers tailored and essential support to:

  • Children and the youth: Primarily aimed at ages 11-25 with mental health issues who need to be supported and recognised.
  • People in poverty: Northamptonshire Mind has been campaigning for the government to recognise the need to help poverty-stricken people with mental health issues by providing them with a living income.
  • People from racialised communities: The charity has campaigned to reform current discrimination that exists as part of the Mental Health Act.

The challenge

For this charity to achieve its mission and purpose, they greatly rely on donations and the support of volunteers.

To this end, since 2021, we have prioritised Northamptonshire Mind as PDS’s designated charity – providing support through financial contributions,

charity events and fundraisers. We also donate our expertise and services; including the design, sourcing and storage of the marketing tools they need to increase awareness and visibility of their organisation and services.

Key challenges

  • Reliant on donations and volunteering.

  • Limited funds for increasing visibility and awareness.

  • Difficult to create a strong presence at events.

  • Challenging to keep mental health issues top of mind.

The solution

PDS has put together a team to provide Northamptonshire Mind with dedicated support – comprising specialists from across our business, including experts in fundraising, logo development, merchandising template design, sourcing, delivery and distribution.

One of our key goals is to help this charity maintain a constant and significant voice out there so that it can grow from strength to strength. As part of any awareness campaign, branding is key to delivering a message that resonates with the target audience(s). We have therefore designed and produced a range of branded giveaway items for Northamptonshire Mind that they can use as part of their marketing and fundraising toolkit.

These branded giveaways include:

  • A5 and A6 notepads
  • Pens
  • Bags
  • T-shirts
  • Balloons

We have also designed and produced a series of promotional assets that they can use at fundraising and outreach events, and also for creating social media content. These included:

  • Pull up banners
  • Large-format reusable donation cheques to create donation awareness

The project team

Steph Govier (Account Executive)

Steph Govier

Steph Govier

Account Executive

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Key outcomes

  • PDS donated expertise and time to help build the brand.

  • We raised awareness and funds for mental health issues.

  • We designed, sourced and delivered branded giveaways for events.

  • We produced re-usable promotional assets for ongoing marketing campaigns.

The results

Equipped with these giveaways and marketing materials, Northamptonshire Mind has been able to increase its visibility at events and keep its purpose top of mind in the community – so it can continue its mission to build a society that promotes and protects good mental health for all.

“Here at Northamptonshire Mind, we are often amazed and humbled by the work many individuals and companies carry out to help us support our service users. Print Data Solutions has been working with us for many months to raise awareness and funds for mental health issues. Everyone at the company pulled out all the stops and kindly donated time and indeed, money, to produce an absolutely fantastic suite of marketing goods, which we can take to the many public events we run throughout the county – the banners, t-shirts, balloons and other items were brilliantly designed, ordered and delivered to us – we cannot thank PDS enough. We have been hugely impressed by the quality of work and of course, the generosity and commitment shown to us and the fight for better mental health.”

Northamptonshire Mind

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