Case Study

Case Study

Winvic: a Comprehensive Solution for Multi-site Marketing Collateral Management

A tech-enabled print, merchandise and distribution solution for multi-site collateral

Industry: Construction

Number of employees: 500+

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The client

Established in 2001, Winvic is a multidisciplinary main contractor based in the UK that delivers construction projects on a national scale for blue-chip clients. Beyond being known as the UK’s leading ‘shed specialist’ delivering millions of square metres of storage for the industrial and distribution sector, Winvic also delivers student accommodation; earthworks and infrastructure for civil engineering projects; and education, retail and leisure developments.

Winvic has constructed 75+ million square feet of industrial space and developed 7,000+ multi-bed rooms, 3,000+ acres of significant sites, and 30+ kilometres of highway work. These projects include 6 Zero Carbon buildings and 6 WELL-ready projects. Since 2013, the business has achieved over 400% growth and turnover is now £800+ million.

The challenge

Maintaining a laser focus on health and safety compliance and best practice approaches is integral to the ‘Winvic Way’ – Winvic’s operational excellence and continual improvement ethos.

The company’s ‘Doing It Right’ initiative includes a robust site induction process and tools for reporting safety observations, encouraging all employees to keep Health & Safety front of mind. To facilitate this programme and other processes, Winvic requires a large volume of printed collateral, branded merchandise and other business-critical materials on site. These provide all teams with the tools and information needed to operate in line with the ‘Winvic Way’.

However, as a large organisation, Winvic has many construction sites running simultaneously. At the time of publishing this case study, for example, Winvic had 43 sites under construction. This can make it incredibly challenging for the Marketing Team to:

  • Manage the design, sourcing, storage and fulfilment of such a large volume of on-site assets
  • Maintain visibility over the materials already on site and the materials that are needed
  • Ensure consistency and protect brand integrity across all communications
  • Control the cost of collateral and ensure optimum materials usage across the board.

Key challenges

  • Every Winvic site needs tools to operate in line with ‘The Winvic Way’.

  • A diversity and volume of collateral is required across multiple sites.

  • It can be difficult to ensure consistency and brand integrity across communications.

  • Maintaining visibility over orders and controlling costs can be challenging.

The solution

PDS has helped to transform Winvic’s approach to managing its business-critical on-site materials.

We have developed a bespoke PDS+ ordering portal that provides all Winvic sites with self-service access to a wide selection of Winvic ‘Doing it Right’ tools and branded merchandise. This innovative, user-friendly technology solution provides autonomous ordering and Web2Print capabilities, supported by our design, sourcing, storage and fulfilment expertise.

Our end-to-end solution encompasses the following services:


agencypds design all printed assets and Web2Print templates. These templates allow sites to customise their materials with relevant content, while marketing retains control, and all collateral remains on-brand.


The PDS sourcing team manages the procurement, printing and production of all materials including posters, wall calendars, boards, cards, signage, stickers, brochures and branded merchandise.


PDS provide reliable storage and stock management services for all site call-off elements, ensuring optimal inventory levels for efficient fulfilment.


The PDS fulfilment team hand-collates, fulfils and delivers all components to the relevant Winvic sites in line with agreed time schedules and SLAs.


In addition to building the PDS+ portal, the development team manages technology implementation, onboarding and training to ensure optimum platform usage.

The PDS+ reporting functionality gives the Winvic Marketing Team full visibility over orders. They can also monitor stock levels of collateral in real-time to enable re-orders and mitigate stock outs. If preferred, PDS can manage this for Winvic and alert them to stock levels running low and auto-replenish. The following assets are currently available via the PDS+ portal.

‘Doing it Right’ Materials:

  • Sub-contractor safety performance league board
  • Hard hat stickers
  • Recycling bin stickers
  • Walkway signage
  • Educational posters
  • Floor stickers
  • Directional signage.

‘Doing it Right’ Starter Set-Up Pack:

An easy-to-order collection of essential site-ready tools and educational materials. These packs are delivered within 5-7 working days from the point of order on PDS+.

‘Doing it Right’ Starter Pack Materials:

  • Bespoke coasters
  • Bone china mugs
  • Wall planners
  • Pens
  • Cabin boards
  • Pin badges
  • Post-it notes
  • Banners (A-frame, pull up and others)
  • HSEQ colouring books
  • Fin flags
  • Click-clack mint tins
  • Torches
  • Recruitment brochures
  • Recruitment leaflets
  • Directional signage.

The project team

Dan Woodgates (Relationship Manager), Rob Shaw (Client Services Manager), David Nelson (Lead Creative), Ben Holley (Logistics Manager), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager)

Dan Woodgates

Dan Woodgates

Relationship Manager

Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw

Client Services Manager

David Nelson

David Nelson

Lead Creative

Ben Holley

Ben Holley

Logistics Manager


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

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Key outcomes

  • All sites have swift, autonomous access to business-critical collateral.

  • All teams are fully equipped for Health & Safety compliance and best practice processes.

  • Site communications are consistent, aligned and on-brand.

  • Improved visibility and accountability help to control the cost of collateral.

The results

Winvic now has a solution to align teams and processes, reduce effort and cost, and ensure all sites have swift and easy access to the business-critical materials they need. Our client can now proceed with confidence that:

  • All sites have the tools and materials required to facilitate Health & Safety compliance and operate optimally
  • All sites are branded in ‘The Winvic Way’
  • Site communications are consistent and aligned
  • Sites have autonomy over the collateral ordering process and are accountable for controlling their budget
  • No time is wasted ordering materials and processing orders manually (via email/phone)
  • Management has complete visibility over orders and data-driven insights to inform continual improvement.

Don’t let managing your multi-site marketing materials become a headache…

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