Case Study

Case Study

Joypots: Gifting Range Product Launch

PDS partners with Joypots to ensure sweet success

Industry: Confectionery

Number of employees: 5+

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The client

Joypots creates a superb range of beautifully packaged, premium confectionery that is designed to bring joy into people’s lives. They work with retailers to create an array of products and branded gifting items for celebrating special occasions and seasonal events. Greetings and messages are incorporated into the packaging, making Joypots the perfect gift, with a personal touch.

The challenge

When Joypots were planning the launch of their new range of gifting confectionery – sold via multiple retailers and their own online ordering platform – they needed a partner to help bring their products to life and get them onto shelf on time. Specifically, Joypots required expert assistance with the design, sourcing, storage and fulfilment of their product packaging.

Their goal was to create visually compelling packaging with a high-quality feel, which was also economical – in order to provide excellent value for their customers and retail partners.

Time constraints were a key challenge going into this project. Joypots required a partner who could source production for all the packaging to meet a tight deadline, without compromising on quality. To avoid wasting time, all packaging also needed to be easy to assemble and fill.

Adding to this challenge was the fact that Joypots were also launching an array of different confectionery options and flavours. They therefore required a variety of gifting pack solutions to be designed and produced, catering for diverse budgets and special occasions.

With so many different elements going into the range, it was essential to ensure tight stock control. Joypots needed to always have visibility of confectionery and packaging stock levels, in order to monitor usage and plan for top-up orders in time. It was also important to plan carefully around the best-before dates of the confectionery – especially given that these gifting products were seasonal in nature and their go-to-market dates were staggered over several months.

Finally, due to the nature of the sales process, orders had to be processed very quickly.

Key challenges

  • Meeting tight lead-times without compromising on quality.

  • Catering for diverse budgets and occasions within one range.

  • Perishable products made best-before date management crucial.

  • Orders had to be turned around quickly due to the sales process.

The solution

Joypots required a range of expert services on this project and appointed PDS as their creative, sourcing, storage and fulfilment partner. Here is an overview of Joypots’ PDS Journey.


PDS designed and prototyped packaging designs for the entire Joypots gifting offering.

Right from the concept phase, we got all packaging validated by our manufacturing partners, to ensure deadlines could be met and production costs would fall within budget.


With our seasoned procurement specialists sourcing and managing the bulk production of all the packaging elements, once these were approved by client, we were able to assure quality and consolidate costs across the board.

Packaging print techniques included foiling for a premium feel. We also managed the design and sourcing of outer boxes, around the exact size and volume of the product packaging.


PDS managed the storage of all product packaging and outer boxes, as well as the confectionery that was sourced and produced in bulk by Joypots.

All these various elements were stored securely and at the right conditions within the PDS warehouse.


Our expert and organised fulfilment team were
involved from the beginning. They created mock-up samples of each design to show how these came to life; and tested whether all elements could be easily and efficiently assembled by hand.

Once all elements were approved and sourced, we designed an efficient workflow to ensure that fulfilment orders were completed within a very short lead-time to guarantee these perishable products got to shelf quickly.


To achieve complete visibility and control, we implemented a bespoke, client-facing PDS+ online stock management system for Joypots. All stock lines were created on the system by PDS before we handed it over to our client – including the confectionery, packaging and outer boxes. We also designed processes to ensure the correct versions of best-before labels were printed and applied to each product variable.

The project team

David Nelson (Lead Creative), Lynda Doggett (Studio Co-ordinator), Scott Bailey (Account Executive), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager), Lee Anderson (Stock Manager)

David Nelson

David Nelson

Lead Creative

Lynda Doggett

Lynda Doggett

Studio Co-ordinator

Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey

Account Executive


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson

Stock Manager

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Key outcomes

  • PDS provide a complete creative, sourcing, storage and fulfilment solution.

  • Our single-source approach assured quality and consolidated costs.

  • Online stock management software ensures visibility and control.

  • Joypots successfully built their brand and met SLAs with retail partners.

The results

Joypots now have a unique range of gifting chocolates with a standout shelf presence. The high quality, eye-catching packaging communicates the joyful nature of the brand along with the premium, playful flavour combinations that make their confectionery products so special.

Having one expert partner handling all aspects of this project has allowed Joypots to assure quality, optimise efficiency and consolidate costs through economies of scale and our single source approach. They also have the technology and processes in place to seamlessly manage ordering, stock control and more.

All in all, working with PDS has enabled Joypots to meet their SLAs with their retail partners and other stakeholders, offer an excellent customer experience, build their brand and grow sales.

“PDS have been an integral part of Joypots brand evolution, they have taken our aspirations for our products and helped us to conceptualise and present them in the most perfect way.  In addition to enhancing our shelf presence, PDS are extremely supportive on the storage and fulfilment of our products, we have real-time visibility over our stock and assurance that our products reach our trade customers on time and to our high standards of service. Joypots’ epitomise celebration, sentiment and fun, our goal is to spark joy through the gifting of confectionery and PDS continues to help us to deliver on our mission.”

Managing Director

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