Case Study
Grosvenor Technology

Case Study

Grosvenor Technology: Product Launch

An expert-led, end-to-end product launch for GT Clocks

Industry: Technology & Software

Number of employees: 45+

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The client

With more than 25 years of innovative engineering experience, Grosvenor Technology is a market leader in global access control and human capital management solutions. They deliver much more than just secure, smart environments. They also form long-lasting relationships with their partners and create bespoke solutions tailored to each organisation’s working practices. Grosvenor’s product offering encompasses hardware, software, and IP/cloud-based products and services for customers of all sizes from all sectors.

The challenge

Grosvenor Technology was launching ‘GT Clocks’: a new series of modern time clocks in their Human Capital Management hardware portfolio. As this was the first time that they had organised a promotional campaign focused on showcasing and building awareness of new products, they needed guidance and support on every aspect of the project – spanning creative, sourcing and fulfilment.

PDS was given an opportunity to partner with Grosvenor on this project. Our client was, understandably, a little apprehensive as this was their first project of this nature. However, we reassured Grosvenor that we could manage everything for them to ensure optimal efficiency, quality and control – across creative and sourcing to fulfilment. This included arranging delivery to their sister company in the US (to two separate locations).

Key challenges

  • This was the first time our client had run a product launch campaign.

  • They required expert guidance and support from start to finish.

  • Budget approval took time, threatening to stall the project.

  • Confidence in the concept took time to achieve.

The solution

As an extensive range of expertise was called for, we assembled a multi-disciplinary team to manage the project from start to finish, including a Relationship Manager, Account Manager and Logistics Manager. We also involved our creative agency, and our expert sourcing and fulfilment teams to deliver all the services and support required.

As Grosvenor Technology needed guidance and creative ideas to get their launch campaign off the ground, our PDS Relationship Manager met with them and proposed a unique concept. We suggested using a video brochure which comprised a custom-printed brochure with an embedded video screen. This creates a unique experience that is both tactile and digital. We felt this suited Grosvenor’s innovative brand and state-of-the-art products. To help bring the concept to life for them, we showcased examples we had previously produced.

We also recommended a packaging solution – a magnetic gift box that was beautifully on-brand and could bring all elements together while keeping them safe and intact throughout the delivery journey. These elements included

several branded gifts. When exploring their options for gifting merchandise, Grosvenor found our online catalogue to be a helpful starting point. We recommended and quoted various items for our client to choose from, selecting those that would work well with their logo and fit into the box. We supplied plain samples so they could get a good feel for each item before making their final selection.

While budget sign-off had its complexities, we did not allow the time-lapse to impact the project delivery. We continued with our work, confident in our proposed approach, and arranged printed samples for Grosvenor free of charge to help encourage buy-in. Upon seeing these, the budget was approved, and the project got the green light.

Throughout the project lifecycle, our PDS Relationship Manager and Account Manager held regular meetings with Grosvenor. We gave them a clear idea of timelines and costs, including duties for delivery upfront so Grosvenor Technology did not need to worry about their sister company paying any unexpected additional fees on arrival.

The project team

Kris Batley (Account Executive), Rob Shaw (Client Services Manager)

Kris Batley

Kris Batley

Account Executive

Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw

Client Services Manager

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Key outcomes

  • All goods were delivered to the US in full and on time.

  • Our client was appreciative that we could handle everything in-house.

  • We delivered high quality packaging and merchandise to budget.

  • The launch campaign was regarded a success.

The results

PDS managed the design, sourcing and fulfilment of 100 x magnetic gift boxes with foam inserts containing:

• 1 x video brochure
• 1 x glass travel mug
• 1 x power bank
• 1 x sticky note set
• 4 x pens

Our Logistics Manager worked alongside our Account Manager to arrange successful deliveries of all units to the US.

Grosvenor Technology was really appreciative of our collaborative approach, the time and energy we committed to the project, and our ability to handle everything in-house.

All the goods were delivered to the US in full and on time, and Grosvenor was able to launch their GT Clocks successfully. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the marketing and packaging materials, as well as the merchandise items, especially given that we had done all we could to keep the costs as low as possible.

Grosvenor Technology received positive feedback from their sister company in the US too and are keen to partner with PDS on more projects in the future.

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