Case Study
Cromwell Tools

Case Study

Cromwell Tools: Valentine’s Day Campaign Design and Fulfillment

A heartfelt and engaging Valentine’s Day Door Drop campaign

Industry: Business Supplies & Equipment

Number of employees: 700+

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The client

Founded over 50 years ago, Cromwell supplies an extensive range of maintenance, repair and operations products to support industry and keep people safe. With a network of branches and offices in the UK and across the globe, Cromwell is a single-source supplier to multiple industries, professions and trades, providing easy and reliable access to great value, high-quality cutting tools, power tools, precision equipment, personal protection products and more. They also offer a diverse profile of technical and specialist support, ranging from in-depth product expertise to on-site solutions.

The challenge

As part of an internal brand-building campaign, Cromwell required a new leaflet that would communicate its company’s key purpose and principles more clearly and in a more compelling way. To optimise engagement and impact, they decided to launch this leaflet in time for Valentine’s Day and deliver it to staff members along with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Cromwell wanted this leaflet to include a personal touch, as their key purpose and principles are “driven from the heart of what they do”. They also wanted a format that was easier to handle, read and retain – preferably pocket sized, as their previous leaflet was too large and unsustainable.

Key challenges

  • The existing leaflet did not express Cromwell’s purpose and principles clearly.

  • The existing design was too large and unsustainable.

  • Timing was a challenge: everything had to be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

  • The leaflet and gift had to be delivered to 45 sites around the UK.

The solution

Cromwell chose to work with PDS and appointed us as their design, sourcing and fulfilment partner on this project. The PDS team assigned to this campaign included a Relationship Manager, Senior Account Executive, a Designer and the fulfilment and logistics team.

  • Creative Services

Our agencypds developed an engaging new design concept for the leaflet. All visual and content elements are centred around Cromwell’s purpose and principles, to build and strengthen brand awareness.

The design introduces icons representing each principle, and acts as key visual statements throughout the leaflet. Bright colours and bold text engage the reader, while keywords are outlined with boxes and shadows to ensure the message is clear and easy to understand.

As the leaflet has a Z-fold format, it can be opened out to view multiple pages at once. This, along with a dotted line that ties all the principles together, takes the reader on a journey through the leaflet.

  • Sourcing and Fulfilment

PDS drew on our in-depth sourcing expertise supported by strong supplier partnerships to offer Cromwell a single-source solution for all printing, packaging and gifting requirements on this project. We managed the printing of the leaflet, along with a cover letter.

As Cromwell wanted to deliver the leaflet to multiple recipients and a gift of chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we sourced high-quality heart-shaped chocolates and an eye-catching red jiffy bag to carry the items in, keeping them safe and secure while remaining on-brand.

PDS collated the items together in-house and successfully delivered them to 45 locations around the UK, in good time for Valentine’s day.

The project team

Dan Woodgates (Relationship Manager), David Nelson (Lead Creative), Anna Miller (Designer), Katie Rolfe (Account Executive), Monika Zukowska (Mailing & Fulfilment Manager)

Dan Woodgates

Dan Woodgates

Relationship Manager

David Nelson

David Nelson

Lead Creative

Anna Miller

Anna Miller


Katie Rolfe

Katie Rolfe

Account Executive


Monika Zukowska

Mailing & Fulfilment Manager

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Key outcomes

  • The new leaflet design was centered around the brand purpose and principles.

  • The design theme was eye-catching and personal, optimising impact.

  • With one supplier for multiple project elements, Cromwell saved time and money.

  • All items were successfully delivered to 45 sites, in time for Valentine’s Day.

The results

Partnering with PDS allowed Cromwell to have multiple elements of their project produced by one supplier, which saved them time and money.

As PDS had full control over design, print, merchandise, packaging, fulfilment and delivery, we were able to meet Cromwell’s tight deadlines and assure quality across the board – ensuring the success of this impactful and well-timed brand-building and engagement campaign.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to team PDS for an excellent pice of work in getting the ‘Valentine’s Drop’ on the door steps to our colleagues. It went down a storm and even the CEO was blown away with the taste of the chocolate – phew! Thank you for the effortless way that you delivered for us.”

Head of Talent and Organisational Development

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