Meet Ronnie Maloney, Finance Manager.

Flying high

Ronnie manages a team of four who together look after all aspects of finance at PDS from accounts payable, credit control, invoicing, sales support, payroll, VAT, and data compliance.

Ronnie said, “I have worked for PDS for nearly six years now and we are always busy. I started my career working for a publishing company looking after authors’ royalties and from there learned bookkeeping and got a job working for Weetabix. I eventually moved on to work for an US telecoms company and then joined the corporate world of Virgin where I started as a temp and was offered a permanent role with a relocation to the City of London.”

Pulling together

“Over the last few years, we have been working hard to introduce time-saving processes into our finance procedures with automated functionality and system reconciliation. This has introduced greater efficiency and saved a lot of time. The improvements we have made could not have been achieved without the dedication and diligence of the whole team. Luckily everyone has a strong work ethic at PDS, and we all pull together to achieve the same goals.”


“Returning to work after a period recovering from illness, I felt that I had lost confidence in my abilities but with the support of my managers and the whole team, I quickly got back into my stride. I have never worked anywhere where the team works so well together and is so supportive. From day one, I felt as though I had joined a new work family. My colleagues have helped me to appreciate that I can achieve anything if I believe in myself enough.”

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