Meet Myles Olsen, our Head of Logistics.

Smooth operations

“I oversee the PDS logistics and fulfilment teams and ensure all the associated processes run smoothly. My responsibilities include dealing with goods received and dispatched, fulfilling orders, audits, stock management, and all aspects of fulfilment.

Inspired by Japan

“The business is always innovating, and I was proud of my involvement in the development of the PDS+ online management system. I have re-organised our warehouse according to Japanese 5S principles, ensuring that everything has its place and is kept clean and tidy.

Supportive people

“One of the best things about working with PDS is the people; my colleagues are highly supportive, and everybody puts customers first which fits with the ethos of the whole business. I love developing my team and have won a national British Printing Industry Federation award for training in the past. As a sports fan, I am always inspired by Rory McIlroy who keeps a level head under pressure.”

Myles Olsen Head of logistics at Print Data Solutions Northamptonshire

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