Meet Kris Batley, Relationship Manager

Culture of trust

“I have worked for PDS for thirteen years and have enjoyed being part of a team that has grown and developed so much. Some of my clients have largescale operational packaging contracts and I enjoy working out the feasibility of their concepts and delivering cost-effective solutions. PDS is good at retaining its clients because the team shows so much commitment to service and makes itself available whenever required. I like the autonomy and independence of working in the PDS team, and the culture of trust within the organisation.

Taking care of business

“Working at PDS, I have improved my communications skills and learned how to engage with clients without blinding them with science. They know that they can leave the technical details to us and keep operations running smoothly.


“On a personal level, I have been inspired by Chris Wilder who took Northampton Town Football Club to the top of the league in one of its best seasons of recent times. He is straight-talking and a great team manager.”

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