Meet Katie Rolfe, Account Executive.

Ideal position

After two years at PDS, Katie has realised that her job role encompasses everything that she has enjoyed about her career to date. Starting out with an international magazine subscriptions agency based in Market Harborough, Katie spent 12 years buying and selling print. When digital subscriptions led to business rationalisation, Katie moved on to join a business which produced bespoke packaging for major UK supermarkets. In this role, Katie worked to design and supply boxes for confectionery products and cosmetics, travelling all over Europe including to Poland and Italy to manage print projects.

Holiday rescue

Since joining PDS, Katie says that her current role combines the best elements of her previous jobs. Katie said, “One of my favourite projects for PDS was completed during the most challenging times. I sourced and managed the distribution of 250 gift boxes for a client whose holiday prize-winners had been unable to travel because of the Covid lockdown.

“With the help of other colleagues, I researched and selected a range of luxury items from each of the holiday destinations including Portuguese wines, olives from Italy and white mango chocolates from India. Each gift box was designed using the colours of the destinations’ flags and really put a smile on the face of those who received them.”

Going solo

A town mouse all her life, Katie was born and brought up in Northampton but has recently moved to the countryside where she is more likely to be seen in her local pub or in wellies around the Rutland village where she now lives. Katie conquered both her fears of flying and of heights in a single trip when she travelled alone to Australia to visit a friend and successfully completed a 300 feet abseil descent in the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

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