Meet Kate Shelton, our Operations Director

Strength in numbers

“I lead the HR and finance functions and manage the logistics team as well as looking after the technical development of business systems for PDS. As a mathematician with a background in programming and data analytics, I have used my skills in web development and coding to build and improve our PDS+ online management system. I am also particularly proud of having built a bespoke management information system that has streamlined processes for quoting, ordering, stock control and financial reporting. I believe that the success of PDS is largely based on our ability to respond dynamically. We are nimble enough to move swiftly and make the most of new opportunities.

Hurdles worth scaling

“One of the most challenging periods of my life followed a horse-riding accident in which I broke my ankle. During my recovery, it was tough to keep work on track and maintain family life while considering whether to get back in the saddle. I am riding again now and enjoy it very much.

Scientific approach

“The best advice I received in my career was never to assume that other people know more than you, and to be confident in your own abilities. I have been inspired by Professor Brian Cox and his ability to communicate and inspire others with his enthusiasm for maths and science. It is vital that young people are helped to see how careers in STEM subjects can be exciting and rewarding.”

Operations Director at Print Data Solutions Northamptonshire

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