Meet Jonathan Shelton, Senior Account Executive.

Work family

Jonathan works in the client services team at PDS and spends a great deal of his time supporting projects for trade kitchen suppliers, Howdens Joinery. He handles everything from quotes and orders to dealing with storage and logistics. Jonathan said, “I have worked with some fabulous clients over the years at PDS and met some fantastic people. The business has changed and grown so much from when it started over 20 years ago. The team has always pulled together and maintained a family ethos and the philosophy remains the same even though there are now more than 40 of us working in the business.”

Workplace wellbeing

“After PDS launched its health and wellbeing policy last year, I was proud to become a workplace mental health champion. Having overcome my own mental health issues, I was grateful for the support that PDS gave me to enable me to continue in my role, and it is a joy to be part of the mental health champions’ team and provide an open door and listening ear for others.”

Follow the leader

“The business leader who inspires me the most is my brother, Nick who is also the founder and managing director of PDS. Although we are alike in so many ways, our approach to work and business are different and I am happy in my role of faithful follower to his leader. Nick worked so hard to launch PDS and is well respected throughout the business for his fairness and approachability. In terms of business advice, I have always believed that if you work hard with integrity and honesty, success will be inevitable.”

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