Meet Ian Knighton, Studio Manager.

Digitally dynamic

Ian started his career in the IT sector and became an account manager for a business selling computer hardware including PCs and servers. He progressed to managing a large team, travelling from his home base in Northamptonshire to locations in the south of England including High Wycombe, Maidenhead and Watford.

After 15 years in IT distribution, Ian decided to take advantage of the boom in e-commerce, helping to build some of the early platforms for multi-channel retailers and managing their online marketing teams.

Sprint finish

Always a running enthusiast, Ian completed the London Marathon, and changed career direction once more when he set up a destination website especially for the running community which he built up with his business partner over an eight year period, turning it into one of the most popular sites of its kind in the UK.

Studio success

Ian said, “I have always reinvented myself periodically by changing career and my move to PDS to work locally coincided with increasing family commitments and the desire to improve my work/life balance.

“Having joined the business six years ago, when the studio employed just one or two people, I have seen it grow in size, strength and capability, resulting in the launch of agencypds which now offers creative and design services in its own right. I am particularly proud of our campaign to mark the 140th anniversary of Forterra’s London Brick brand which was one of the first for which we produced every aspect of the campaign from the concept to the digital and printed collateral.”

A lifelong music lover, Ian has played guitar in bands but now leaves his children to the live performances while he remains backstage.

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