Meet Emily Syson, Midweight Designer.

First class designer

Talented designer Emily was a graduate recruitment to PDS after she won a prize for professional practice as part of her first-class degree from the University of Worcester. Emily started as a junior designer and has since progressed to become a Midweight designer within the PDS creative team.

Emily said, “I was interested in joining PDS because of the range of opportunities it offered. The team works on so many different projects, I thought it would a perfect way to improve my skills and learn as much as I could. I have enjoyed acquiring new skills in animation using Adobe After Effects and have become an Adobe-certified associate in visual effects and motion graphics. At PDS we are seeing more demand than ever for animation especially for use in social media and we believe that this trend is set to continue.”

From pool to winning post

“I have enjoyed working on some fantastic projects in the design studio and particularly enjoyed the work we did to create a new identity for British Swimming. It was a lovely brand to work on, was lots of fun and I was pleased with the final result.

“In my spare time, I enjoy running and gain great deal of personal satisfaction from completing marathons and pushing myself to beat my personal best time. I have completed 12 half marathons as well as the London and Milton Keynes full marathons which took place just one week apart in 2019. I was delighted when I improved my time across the week by seven minutes. I donated the money I raised to ICAN, the children’s communication charity and also one of PDS’s clients.”

In good voice

“I have always been involved in singing since I was at school and performed in bands at university. I am a member of the Bedford Choral Society and have taken part in performances including Handel’s Messiah at the Corn Exchange, The Armed Man at Milton Keynes Theatre and at Bedford’s Proms in the Park. I just love the sound of human voices singing together; it’s a great feeling to be part of a choir.”

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