Meet Dan Woodgates, Relationship Manager.


Dan started his PDS career two years ago during a month in his life that he will never forget. As well as joining the business, Dan also moved house and welcomed his first child all within 30 days in March 2019. Dan left school at the age of 16 and originally qualified as a plumber but the career progression in the sector was not fast enough for him, so he switched into a sales role for a Northampton-based office supplies company based at Brackmills.

Dan said, “From the outset, I always wanted to earn my own living and become independent, and I bought my own house at the age of 21 without any outside financial support. My family’s circumstances were tough as I was growing up and I was always determined to work hard so that my own children would have an easier path.

“When I changed career and started in sales at the age of 18, my priorities were also on enjoying life, but I learned what it was like to work hard in my first role, thanks to my boss at the time who proved an inspirational mentor."

Career in view

“I joined PDS to work on its video in print brand when that was first launched. It was an exciting period because everybody we approached was fascinated by the product which enables them to put a miniature HD LCD screen into any item of direct mail or merchandise. Vue TV is a business in its own right now and I have moved on to looking after a wide range of clients in sectors from insurance to retail.

“I work on such a variety of different projects from huge print runs of 300-page catalogues to branded footballs. No two days are the same which keeps me on my toes. I am proud to have been part of PDS’s success as the business has gone from strength to strength in spite of the pandemic."

Football focus

“I have always loved playing and watching football and still play five-a-side with my friends at Abbeyfield School at weekends. I am a Manchester Utd supporter and try and go and watch them live a few times every year. I am looking forward to being able to travel again and love Italy, especially Rome and Venice so would love to return there one day. I also have an ambition to drive the entire Route 66 from coast to coast across America.”

Dan Woodgates

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