PDS takes a big step towards carbon reduction

PDS is pleased to announce a significant stride towards reducing its carbon footprint by installing solar panels at its HQ in Regent Park, Wellingborough. The installation is part of its long-term commitment to Planet Mark to reduce carbon impact.

Through this installation, PDS is projected to save 45 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to driving a car for 109,000 miles or planting over 1,700 new trees and letting them grow for ten years. The savings will be considerable and support PDS’s journey towards becoming a more sustainable business.

The installation of solar panels at PDS is a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and to working towards a more sustainable future. PDS remains dedicated to its partnership with Planet Mark and will continue to explore and implement sustainable solutions that benefit both the business and the environment.

“This installation is part of our broader plans to reduce our gas usage and transition to renewable energy sources wherever possible. said James Portsmouth, Operations Director at PDS. It’s worth noting that the solar panel system works best outside of the summer months, which is contrary to what some people might think. We’re expecting to see significant energy savings throughout the year, which is fantastic news. We recognise the importance of reducing our carbon impact and are committed to doing our part. We are very grateful to Aniron, the solar panel supplier and installer, for their support in bringing this project to fruition.