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Building loyalty and improving people performance through effective communication and staff engagement

In an increasingly competitive talent market, one of the biggest challenges for employers is to attract, retain and motivate talented people. With unemployment at its lowest in 50 years, the ‘war for talent’ means that organisations and their HR teams are having to work harder than ever to bring onboard and keep hold of the best people.

So how do you better communicate with and engage your people, in order to make them feel truly part of your company, bringing a boost to productivity, loyalty, a shared vision and values?

The power of effective employee communication

In our eGuide, we’ll explore how your business can harness a holistic employee engagement strategy to build loyalty and improve people performance across your business.

We’ll look at how thinking strategically about your internal communications can help your business and your people to work better:

Attract and retain the best talent – with communications that make your people feel valued, recognised and rewarded for their contributions

Build more cohesive teams – by effectively communicating a shared sense of community, vision and purpose in your business

Drive productivity and performance – with engagement strategies that recognise and encourage commitment, celebrating the work of individuals and teams

Reduce staff turnover and disengagement – with personalised communications tailored to each individual

Manage transformation and change – with clear, planned communication strategies that keep people involved and connected to the business in transition periods

Reduce and rationalise costs – by minimising expensive recruitment costs associated with high staff turnover

“To build organisational resilience and to generate true value, business leaders realise
they’ll have to connect more directly and deeply with employees. HR needs to pull out all
the stops to keep up with employees who are seeking out a better work-life balance and
looking for employers to meet their needs.”

Chief HR Officer European HR and payroll services provider SD Worx

What we’ll cover

We’ll take a closer look at the strategies and tactics you can use to connect with your people across the whole of the employment lifecycle:

  • Employee onboarding – Make the right first impression with personalised welcome communications, branded goodies and more
  • Appreciation and recognition – Celebrate achievements, recognise milestones, life events and career progression
  • Hybrid and flexible working – Embed new ways of working and ensure your team stay connected and supported
  • Health and wellbeing – Help your people to stay fit and well, reduce stress, improve health and boost morale
  • Training and development – Help your people grow and develop with awareness campaigns, training materials and goal setting
  • Effective change management – Take people on the journey clear, structured communication plans

Our experience

We have over 25 years of experience working with businesses across a breadth of industries, helping them to better communicate, market themselves and reach their key audiences, with a holistic suite of marketing, communications, print production and delivery solutions, that all work together to communicate what’s exceptional about each client.

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