Meet Monika Zukowska, our Mailing & Fulfilment Manager.

Main event

“I am the supervisor in the fulfilment team at PDS, and I look after the smooth-running of our packing operation. We have a daily task to mail out a range of catalogues for a company within the construction supply chain, but we can be working on a variety of projects throughout the day. It is varied job that can see us packing up chocolates, hampers and bags of giveaways for an event.

People power

“I have worked at PDS for nearly two years and the thing I like most is the nice team of people here. Although we work in separate departments, it feels as though we are all part of one big team. One of the first jobs I worked on was putting together gift hampers full of sweets for our suppliers. I enjoyed making them look attractive and could imagine being pleased to receive one myself.

Responsive and flexible

“Since I took over as supervisor, the work my team gets involved with has changed massively. I am naturally very organised and precise, and I make sure that we plan ahead to get jobs out efficiently and on time. Sometimes we do need to respond to last-minute requests, and we always try to say ‘Yes’. That means keeping up with the regular jobs to give us the capacity to respond. I learned from my mother never to put off until tomorrow something you can do today.

Animal magic

“I didn’t know any English when I first came to England from Poland 11 years ago at the age of 18. I started in the packing industry as a temp and have worked my way up to supervisor level. I am a keen environmentalist and animal-lover. I was inspired by a visit to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent and love the work of conservationist Giles Clark who works to protect these beautiful animals in the wild.”

Monika Zukowska

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Monika in the warehouser organising a fulfilment job