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Our expertise in the retail sector enables us to delight our clients with creative point of sale ideas that helps their products to make an impact in store.

Hardys is one of the nation’s favourite traditional sweet shop supplying retro confectionery lines through retail outlets in prominent locations across the UK. Retailing its own brands of chocolate and confectionery, Hardys product lines and promotions often reflect popular culture including Harry Potter or the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Hardys produce their own confectionery brand designs but called on PDS to help with the development of packaging that would maximise the brands’ impact while offering maximum protection for the contents. They challenged the design team to advise on the most innovative and cost-effective cardboard engineering solutions for their varied and diverse product lines.

As print and packaging specialists, PDS was also able to advise on the use of gloss foils and laminated and embossed materials that could bring Hardys’ confectionery lines to life.

Following extensive research and a site visit to Hardys’ flagship store, the PDS team worked with materials including folding box board, fluted board, and paper over board to produce mock-ups and hand-assembled prototypes for use in trials.

Once the designs have been tested, modified and agreed, CAD drawings are supplied to Hardys to enable their in-house team to lay out the packaging design graphics ready to supply to the printers.

PDS also helped Hardys to source the specialist machinery they now use to cling-wrap their sweet trays.

PDS are now preferred suppliers for all Hardys’ own-brand packaging, providing confectionery cartons, sweet labels and wrappers, labels for pick and mix sweet jars, and branded items of apparel for retail store staff. The team is currently working on a postal confectionery gift box shortly due to be launched online.

Thanks to the broad experience and expertise of PDS, the Hardys team has been able to produce high quality confectionery cartons with luxurious production values at relatively low cost.

With finishing processes for carton printing constantly improving, PDS provides a consultancy service to develop specialist print services that offer increasingly better value. PDS has capitalised on significant developments in varnishing, embossing lamination, and in-line foil blocking to help Hardys develop outstanding and complex work that helps to showcase their highly popular brands.

“Having worked with the team at PDS for many years, I can safely say they are very professional and hard working. PDS make us feel they are our own inhouse team, never failing to deliver and meeting tight deadlines, their level of service is second to none.”

Hardys Original Sweetshop.

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