Secrets to successfully managing branded products

Bringing your brand to life with physical marketing can help to boost your reputation, help you to connect with customers and ultimately to increase sales. The products that bear your logo must match your brand, drive your objectives, suit your distribution channels, and complement the message you want to convey. Our seven secrets to managing branded products reveal how a good merchandise partner could help you to streamline your supply and stock management processes so that you can focus on the strategy, not the practicalities.

1. You can get help with checking out reputable suppliers

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about researching the credentials of manufacturers yourself. Choose a supplier of merchandise that has been accredited by either the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) or the Promotional Merchandise Trade Association (PROMOTA) and you will avoid the pitfalls of dealing with unstable or disreputable companies. But don’t be tempted to skip on the due diligence. Quick start-ups in this sector can quickly find themselves in financial difficulty so be sure to place your business with an organisation you can trust.

2. You can take control of your stock

Your merchandise supplier can help you to organise the logistics, so all your materials are in the right place at the right time. They can take the strain if you don’t have enough storage space at your premises, can’t easily move heavy boxes, or if you operate from multiple sites. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have easy access to your stock. Keeping control of orders and access to stock should be centralised within the marketing team so that you know that materials will reach the right audience and there will be no wastage.

3. You can always be ready for any event, exhibition or campaign

You don’t have to pick and pack every product you send out in house. When it comes to making up high volumes of consignments, you can get help from your supplier and avoid handling small and fiddly, or heavy and cumbersome items. Collating products is a specialist task and a good branded merchandise supplier will have the resources to put together individual packs as and when you need them.

4. You never have to say that you are out of stock

It is possible have full visibility of your stock levels. Having a system in place to keep track of who is requesting items from within the business can be vital in helping you to monitor spend. An online stock-monitoring system with an easily accessible reporting function provides actionable data and insights to improve the efficiency of your procurement and minimize wastage. It also provides flexibility so that stock items can be called off as required. You will receive automated alerts in plenty of time when stocks require replenishment.

5. You can save money without compromising quality

Lead times and pricing can be made easy by using a supplier that is able to arrange pre-agreed reductions in price for bulk purchases. This may be advantageous for smaller franchisees within a group, for example, helping them to gain access to the same low prices as larger outlets. A good online system will be able to handle orders from multiple departments within the business or from a range of locations. It should allow items to be charged to individual cost centres if required. Check whether you can have multiple log-in accounts with different permission levels.

6. You can access your artwork and logos in one place

You can avoid the headache of managing your brand assets by storing them all online. Your supplier should give you access to easily accessible file storage. You can delete items following a brand refresh, making sure that no materials are out of date. Pictures of individual items will remind you what you have ordered in the past. White label merchandise can be kept in stock and printed as required via a web to print service so check that this option is available on your supplier’s online system.

7. You can delight your customers with personalisation

It easier than you might think to add personalisation to your branded merchandise. It is proven to make a big impact and holds great appeal. You might simply personalise the box or outer packaging but could take it one step further by adding names to physical items making them far more likely to be retained. Personalised boxes sent through the mail are enjoying a boom. By combining several types of branded items, you will add value to your merchandise and delight your clients.

In summary, selecting, ordering and managing your promotional goods and merchandise should be frictionless, so make sure you find a supplier that can take the strain and free you up from time-consuming logistics.