2020 was certainly a year of challenges. The marketplace looks very different from 12 months ago and businesses have had to adapt quickly to an ever changing “new normal”. With the number of positive infections passing previous highs, the challenges of 2020 appear far from over.

With increased staffing numbers now working remotely and the current recommendation to continue to do so, businesses have had to change the way that they work quickly. What was originally envisioned as a short-term fix may become a long-term change.

Clearly the pandemic has not meant business as usual and with remote working becoming the norm, communication is more important than ever.

So how do you make the most of the changing marketplace? How do you get the best out of your team when they are all in different places? How do you bridge the gap where personnel changes were unavoidable?

At PDS we have developed a business portal that can be personalised and built around your specific business needs. The PDS+ portal offers a flexible solution where all your key assets are held in one place. The system can be accessed remotely from any location and is designed to be easy to use.

We appreciate that in the changing marketplace businesses are looking to work as efficiently as possible. PDS+ has been constructed with this very intention. The whole system has been designed to hold everything you need in one place. Let us help you to reduce your internal administration, streamline processes, and eliminate the need to store your assets internally.

At service user level the portal can be used as your own personal store. We can create an online catalogue of your marketing assets, including all merchandise and pre-printed collateral. Our onsite storage facility, together with our skilled fulfilment and logistics teams mean that we can process, pack and ship orders within a few hours of receiving the request through the portal.

Want to reach all users from one place? PDS+ can be used as a central communication point where key information can be uploaded onto the portal to ensure you reach your target audience.

The PDS+ portal can be used to edit set artwork templates. In essence a web to print service personalised to your specific requirements. This allows sales reps and service users to personalise marketing material to their own individual requirements.

At manager level PDS+ has an in-build reporting capability, so that you can obtain order history and up to date stock information at the touch of a button. The database is a live system, so the available information is always up to date.

Your business may be working from different locations as a necessity due to the pandemic, but with PDS+ we can ensure service levels are not affected as a result. Let us add support where you need it most, giving you peace of mind that both storage and distribution can be managed in one place by one dedicated supplier.