Merchandise makes a difference in marketing

With so many digital channels available to get your message across, you may be forgiven for thinking that branded merchandise no longer has a place. In fact, the reverse is true. The growing popularity of promotional products has helped to create a market worth around £1BN in the UK.

With your name on it, branded merchandise needs to stand up to high quality expectations. Your logo requires space to breathe and its colours must be recreated accurately. Personalisation can bring a whole new dimension.

We’ve created an eBook to explore the reasons why bringing your brand to life with physical marketing can help boost your reputation, connect with customers and increase sales.

As technology develops in sophistication and accessibility, creative ways of bringing your brand to life are booming and careful consideration should be given to selecting the right promotional products to meet your objectives.

When you meet potential customers face to face, at an event or exhibitions, it helps enormously to be able to present them with a reminder that they have spoken to you, and the means to get in touch. Business cards and leaflets may be lost or casually dispensed with, but a tangible item with a perceived value is much more likely to be kept long after the event has faded in the memory. In live situations where you are surrounded by competitors, you will need to use ingenuity and creativity to select items that really make an impact.

Our eBook brings you the lowdown on a professional approach to merchandise. Download now.