Let technology boost your marketing effectiveness

Once the strategy and concepts are approved, you should be ready to move on to measurement and evaluation, and to the next big idea. Marketers can be distracted from this by the process of managing stock, making decisions about what to order, and keeping materials on brand.

Technology can enhance the ability of marketing teams to improve their efficiency and free up time to focus on what counts. Consolidating the production and management of marketing collateral can be easily achieved even across larger businesses with multiple points of engagement.

An online stock management system allows you to control your print and materials while also permitting access for multiple users around your business. It offers many additional benefits which can help to minimise the hidden costs associated with managing marketing materials leading to greater efficiency.

In our guide, we examine how to:

  • Make intelligent use of data on stock
  • Maintain brand guardianship
  • Manage returns, surplus stock and recycling
  • Fulfil orders for new materials with ease
  • Achieve economies of scale through bulk purchasing
  • Outsource the online management of your materials.

Download the full guide here.