Get the most out of your design agency

Design is everywhere you look and there are many inspirational examples, like these from the D&AD Awards, that showcase the talent of graphic and digital designers across all types of brand. We are constantly bombarded with communications both on and offline, and only the best design will enable your brand to cut through. But how do you get the most out of your design agency and ensure that they produce their best work for you? If you’re about to start a new design project, our guide could help you to produce creative campaigns.

Every design team has an ambition to thrill and delight their clients, but they won’t achieve this without high quality input from you. The best design is created through a collaborative process.

As you prepare to start your design project, do not underestimate the importance of the brief. Designers like to get immersed in your brand’s story and it’s always best to start with a conversation. If you have engaged a new agency, it can be useful to stage ‘creative chemistry’ meetings face to face on your premises so that the team can get a feel for the atmosphere and culture of your organisation.

Download the full guide here for insights on:

  • Responding to concepts constructively to enable your designer to respond
  • Bringing design to life through a multichannel approach
  • Assessing the impact of your creative materials and deciding on the way forward

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