Fulfilment unwrapped

Unwrapping the elements of fulfilment – make space for flexible, high quality and responsive delivery

As a vital final-mile function, the fulfilment of your materials must run smoothly and depends on specialist skills and close attention to detail. Getting the delivery right takes time and is best left in the hands of experts. Here we unpack some of the complexities underlying the art of fulfilment.

Look for space and flexibility

PDS has access to its own space that ensures efficient storage of your goods and materials, minimising the cost of warehousing. You may need to take advantage of flexible and scalable services and might need support to accommodate seasonal peaks. We have a proven ability to be highly responsive in line with demand.

Delicate balance

We understand that some of your clients can only make decisions based on tangible and tactile reactions to sometimes delicate product samples. We have the experience and technical ingenuity to develop ways of presenting high-value items beautifully and cost-effectively while also ensuring that they are protected throughout their journey. Our flexible approach means that we can provide solutions for non-standard items of any size and shape. The care we take means that recipients will always be impressed with the quality of your products and the presentation of your brand.

This way up

We will package your items with the contents in mind, constructing bespoke internal fitments to hold and secure the items inside, and carry out stress tests to check the effectiveness of our solution. Your samples will remain safely stored in our warehouse where they will be easily accessible to your sales teams at the touch of a button online. Simply choose what you want to send and PDS will do the rest.

Infinitely variable

Each of our clients requires a tailored, bespoke service with multiple variable elements. We can handle items of any origin, collate them according to a specific configuration, add associated collateral and re-package to reflect your brand before re-palletising consignments for delivery to any global destination. We are happy to accommodate special requests to meet your guidelines on storage, delivery, and transportation. You will receive a full audit and status report to enable you to keep track of consignments and stock.

Reliable and responsive

Timing is key in the fulfilment process and you need a reliable service that you can depend on. You might need a daily brochure mailing that meets ad hoc requests on demand. Perhaps you have a high-volume mailing that needs to precisely coincide with a sales promotion. Or you may need to keep a range of outlets, depots or offices supplied with a complex combination of merchandise and printed materials. You can trust us to meet your timing requirements with flexibility in response to fluctuations in demand.

Simplified access to intelligence

Data on fulfilment forms a valuable element of your business analytics. Having access to an online management system such as PDS+ enables a streamlined process accessible across multiple ordering points. A single ordering system can provide access to economies of scale. A good system will enable detailed monitoring and an insight into return on investment, with reports that provide intelligence on popular product lines, and identify areas of the business with high demand.

Challenge us to pinpoint best quality

If you’re supplying merchandise or foodstuffs, take advice on the items that best fit your brand. Meticulous research is required to get the quality right while also meeting environmental credentials. Items can be branded and personalised, re-labelled and re-packaged for your brand. Food items may need to be sampled. We relish our detective role in seeking and finding the right products for your brand.

Mailroom maestros

With business continuity a live challenge for most during the pandemic, we all realise how vital digital and online communications are to maintaining operations. Employees working from home are unable to easily access physical items sent to your sites reducing the efficiency of your response. If your organisation relies on high volumes of physical correspondence, we can take over the entire process through our document management system, by converting mail into actionable files. Engage our mailroom services and we will scan, upload, and redistribute correspondence, and even bank cheques and issue thank you letters. Digitised files enable you to respond at pace, create an audit trail, boost productivity and efficiency, and improve customer service.

Our fulfilment service is supported by the expertise to locate the perfect items for your brand, design your materials, manage the print process, store the finished product securely until it’s required and give you an insight into usage and ROI.

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