Is your relationship with your design and print partner fulfilling?

15th Jul 2018

I’m sorry if that sounds like a personal question, but it’s one you might like to think about.


At PDS we liken any project we undertake for you as a journey. On that journey, we support you from start to finish, moving through our five pillars of design, print and merchandising as appropriate, through to fulfilment and logistics.

Each pillar forms a waypoint to the full range of our services. Of course, your project is unique, and so you can access our services in any combination that meets your needs.

Maybe you have a print management job.  We might start with concept creation and move through storage, stock management and distribution.  Perhaps you need additional services such as online ordering and web2print.

Our experience and expertise mean that you can always trust PDS to deliver on time and within budget wherever your journey takes you.

A critical element of the journey is fulfilment.  What does it mean to you?  One of the dictionary definitions is ‘the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.’  It’s also about feeling satisfied that you have achieved what you set out to do.

When it comes to project planning, fulfilment comes at the end of a journey, and those final steps are vital.  It’s about attention to detail, the crossing of the T’s and the dotting of the I’s.

Our fulfilment service includes everything from finalising the management of the campaign, to onsite secure storage facilities, through to off the shelf stock collation, to online ordering.   And we’ve worked hard to put control of some elements of fulfilment in your hands.  You can access our web portal to monitor stock and manage orders in real time for example.  And our web2print module can be branded for you and organised according to departments or individuals within your business providing multiple user access rights and approval levels.

Not everyone has the patience needed to successfully handle fulfilment.  We have a dedicated team who guarantee the attention to detail needed to ensure that your project is delivered accurately and efficiently.

So, if at the end of a project with your current supplier you are not feeling ‘satisfied that you have achieved what you set out to do’ it might be time to give PDS a call.  Please get in touch on 01933 672 150.

By Myles Olsen – PDS Warehouse & Logistics Manager

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