Inventor, Russell Lawley-Gibbs, shares his views on video brochures and how they work in print

31st Oct 2017

“In today’s 21st century world, everywhere we go we are exposed to advertising and marketing messages. Up to 4,000 times a day brands are trying to engage with us through digital and print media- both inside & outside of our home’s.

With so many brands out their shouting at potential customers, smart brands are using video brochures to cut through the marketing noise to get their message seen and heard.


Combining video – the most potent form of advertising – with the precision accuracy of direct mail, video brochures allow brands to literally put their video message directly into the hand of their target audiences.

Video brochures are not only visually arresting and engaging through the element of surprise – open the video book and instead of 2 dimensional print, a video message starts playing – they also make the recipient feel special. This VIP treatment is the best way to sweep the customer off their feet and get them engaged with a brand.

Sales conversion rates are significantly higher when video is used – so much more than a flat piece of direct mail, or a sales call, video literally transports the brands message directly to the customer, where it can be viewed and shared again and again, and always at a time of the customers choosing  – when they are most receptive to the message and ready to connect with the brand.

And what’s more – a video brochure can be watched instantly, anywhere in the world, without wires – and can be instantly shared with other key prospects in the office, boardroom or home. There really is no more effective way to get your message seen – and heard.”

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