Seeing is believing – The importance of video in marketing

3rd Oct 2017

There is an old saying about how seeing is believing, and in the case of video that is true twice. Firstly, seeing is literally believing because the viewer is interacting with the product or service. Secondly, the impact video marketing can have as a tool almost needs to be seen to be believed. The numbers in the bullet points below have been culled from various sources around the internet and are quite startling.

  • 96% of people say video was helpful in making a purchase decision
  • 2 Billion people have access to video on YouTube and use it regularly for information and entertainment
  • 71% say it creates a positive impression of the company
  • People who viewed a video were 144% more likely to buy something than those who did not
  • 64% of people were influenced to purchase a particular item by video marketing material

If you have a few moments do a little search, you will very easily find a range of similar figures bandied around from a variety of sources. Wherever you look, though, it soon becomes very clear that video, particularly when used in the context of a wider campaign, is highly effective and has real impact.

Video really works as a marketing device and it does so because it has a very specific interaction with the viewer.

  • It is personal. Video demonstrates products, services, business and the people within it directly to the viewer. It is second only to an actual face to face meeting in creating familiarity with a person and a visual demonstration of a product passes information in a very succinct way
  • It is engaging. People engage with video in a way they do not do with other forms or media. The combination of sight and sound is unique as a media form.
  • It conveys information in a way people like. This so much the case that using the word video in a content line will boost open rates for email by an estimated 15–19%. Even most SEOs of top ranking companies admit to preferring information by video.
  • It tells small, concise stories. There is a reason TV advertisements are only thirty seconds long, part of that reason is that video works best when it is fast and gives precise information.

As with all marketing though, it does need to be contextualised and, because video works in these very specific way, it works best as part of a larger canon of materials, and you cannot simply make it and hope for the best. Video needs integration and a platform to really fly. When combined with print materials, for example (which also have excellent open and response statistics), video will become part of a larger experience for the potential customer, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here at PDS, we think video is so important that we have created a way for you to showcase your products, services or anything you feel needs to be seen. Vue tv is a printed video brochure that enables your message to be both seen and heard, plus it offers printed personalisation on each brochure making it unique to the recipient.

Video is as unique as your business and vue tv is the perfect way to reach out to your customers.

If you would like to know more about how video can integrate into your marketing why not call us on 01933 672150 and we will be happy to talk through your options.

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