Tempus fugit – Why your time is more important than your print providers

19th Sep 2017

If I asked you ‘are you busy at work’, the chances are you would say yes. We all seem to be under constant pressure to do more and more work with what seems to be less and less time to do it in. A friend of mine used to have a large, rather impressive, grandfather clock and inscribed on the clock face in very ornate lettering was ‘Tempus Fugit’. Many clocks have this on, and of course, it means time flies, and it is there to remind us to get things done. It’s good advice, because that problem of being pressured for time needs to be resolved, and there is only one way to resolve it – get on with the jobs that need doing. Which means that your time is an important commodity. In a very real way, one of the things we offer at PDS is a way to give you back some of that time to get on with things that need to be done.

Let me give you a scenario. Steve is preparing for a new product launch. He contacts his design company who agree to send over a rough layout in a reasonable time, which they do. After a consultation period, Steve agrees the design, and he contacts three printers for quotes. They come back to him quite quickly, and he agrees with one of them (after they find schedule time for the print run) to have his printed materials done. Then he gets on the telephone and starts to ring around looking for a solution to the merchandising support he needs for the launch. He gets some materials from one supplier and then needs to go elsewhere for the banners he needs for the upcoming exhibition. Then the printer calls; there is a problem with the initial design, so he goes back to the designer for a quick change and then back to the printer. Meanwhile, he starts to look for fulfilment, so he picks up the phone and… well, you get the idea. Steve has allocated hours of his time to arranging and negotiating design development, overseeing the printed materials, finding merchandise support, sourcing fulfilment and so on, when he is actually in the middle of a product launch and probably had a thousand other things to do.

The trap Steve has fallen into here is to allocate his time as if it doesn’t have a cost attached. As Benjamin Franklin very aptly put it ‘Lost time is never found again’ and Steve has lost a lot of his.

Let’s run that scenario again but this time putting all of Steve’s needs in one place.

Steve is preparing for a new product launch and contacts Print Data Solutions. We meet with Steve, estimate his requirements, arrange a project roll out schedule and from there on Steve just needs to monitor one source and one contact point for the whole process. Steve goes back to doing his job.

The simple fact is that putting all your requirements under one roof means that you save staff hours. All those phone calls and moving from supplier to supplier is just using your own valuable time on small logistics tasks when you could be using ours. Tempus fugit and nothing can stop it, but by letting us manage your project, we can allocate our time to all the nitty gritty of the logistics and give you back some of yours.

So, you could say that one of the most important aspects of our service is giving you back the time you need to get on with the more important things in your day.

To find out more about our full service offering please contact us on 01933 672150.

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